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Top 6 Sweets to consider for Your Bengali Wedding

Every Bengali is born with a sweet tooth. Any Bengali occasion remains incomplete without indulging in the pleasure of a plateful of mouth-watering sweets. You can zero down to these top 6 sweets we are listing for your Bengali Wedding. These sweets are sure to bring amazing flavors to the table and would make all your guests drool over them. They are indeed the best authentic and sumptuous Bengali sweets that you must present your guests with.



Rosogolla are divine love for not only Bengalis but all sweet lovers. Whether the spongy ones or the ones that melts in the mouth, you can never stop at just one. The twist that this gets in the winter season with jaggery is equally devouring and fulfilling.

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Kalo Jam

It is another popular sweet that you can consider for Your Bengali Wedding owing to its great taste and presentation. Black from outside and soft and sweet from within, this tastes heavenly. Serve the hot and be ready to receive heaps of compliment.

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Kheer Kodombo

Small balls of chena are wrapped in khoya and formed in the shape of sweet. It tastes and looks heavenly and is a favorite for those who like medium sweetness. From outside it looks dry but from within it is very syrupy.

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Golden brown rounds made of semolina, khoya, milk, ghee, and sugar and dipped in sugary syrup, Pantua must be there in the wedding menu. It adds that glamour to the menu. When served hot, it melts in the mouth and leaves you craving for more.

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This specialty is formed in various shapes and designs and also differs in taste. Sandesh is dry sweet that can be of different types, each being equally tempting. From JolBhora Sandesh to Aam Sandesh to Nolen Gurer Sandesh, you get plenty of options to choose from and we bet you cannot resist them.

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These are sweet pancakes, fried and drenched in sugary syrup, and tastes exceptionally good. Malpua is a traditional sweet that is common in every Bengali household during festivals and weddings. You can add raisin and dry coconut to raise the taste quotient.

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