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25 Popular Sweets for Indian Wedding Catering

The word dessert comes from the old French word "desservir," which means “to clear the table.” The best thing about desserts is that they instantly lighten up your mood. Be it a festive occasion or a personal celebration, it is the first thing that comes in our mind. Sad or depressed, happy or excited, desserts instantly uplift your mind. From cookies, cakes to pies, there are large varieties of desserts that you can add to your party menu.

Here we present you the top 25 sweets to include to your Indian wedding menu:


Fruit Cream Rice Kheer

What could be better than serving your guests with this fruit cream rice kheer loaded with dry fruits?

Sweets Indian Wedding Catering 1



One of the most exotic summer desserts, Amrakhand is the dessert made using mango pulp.  It is an ideal dessert for your summer wedding.

Sweets Indian Wedding Catering 2


Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake

These Gulab Jamun Cheese cakes are  a perfect fusion of modern and traditional dessert and will surely make your guests drool over the taste.

Sweets Indian Wedding Catering 3



Another exotic dessert to add to your menu, Jalebi is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite. Serve it with rabri and you are the best host already.

Sweets Indian Wedding Catering 4


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