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25 Popular Sweets for Indian Wedding Catering

The word dessert comes from the old French word "desservir," which means “to clear the table.” The best thing about desserts is that they instantly lighten up your mood. Be it a festive occasion or a personal celebration, it is the first thing that comes in our mind. Sad or depressed, happy or excited, desserts instantly uplift your mind. From cookies, cakes to pies, there are large varieties of desserts that you can add to your party menu.

Here we present you the top 25 sweets to include to your Indian wedding menu:


Fruit Cream Rice Kheer

What could be better than serving your guests with this fruit cream rice kheer loaded with dry fruits?

Sweets Indian Wedding Catering 1



One of the most exotic summer desserts, Amrakhand is the dessert made using mango pulp.  It is an ideal dessert for your summer wedding.

Sweets Indian Wedding Catering 2


Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake

These Gulab Jamun Cheese cakes are  a perfect fusion of modern and traditional dessert and will surely make your guests drool over the taste.

Sweets Indian Wedding Catering 3



Another exotic dessert to add to your menu, Jalebi is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite. Serve it with rabri and you are the best host already.

Sweets Indian Wedding Catering 4

Kheerer Patishapta

The light kheer filled with kheer or the coconut-gur mixture is another delicious delicacy that you must serve your guests.


Gajar Ka Halwa Ka Laddo

We have often attended weddings that serve gajar ka halwa, but have you ever heard of gajar ke halwe ke laddoos? If not, try it now and surprise your guests.


This Bengali and Punjabi dessert never fails to win hearts with its mouth-watering flavors and makes for a perfect dessert to serve at your wedding menu.


A traditional Rajasthani delicacy that we all enjoy eating at Diwali, Teej, Rakshabandhan is another must have dessert for your wedding menu.

Chocolate Praline with hazelnut Parfait

A velvety Parfait and crunchy Praline, this dessert will make your guests drool over the taste and its rich flavors.

Saffron Rasgulla

Saffron rasgulla is another hot favorite among guests and would make for a perfect delicacy to serve your guests.


A traditional Indian sweet, which is an impeccable part of all Indian festivities, is a desi version of pancake and something you must try in India.

Mojito Ladoo

This might sound crazy but Mojito laddoo is another super cool dessert that will surely leave your guests spellbound with its tempting flavors and rich taste.

Blueberry Barfi

Forget those authentic and traditional barfis and jazz up the game with these mouth-watering blueberry barfi.

Rose & Gulkand Kulfi

Rose and Gulkand Kulfi will take you back to the Nawabi times with its tempting look, rich and authentic taste.

Qubani ka Meetha

This Hyderabadi dessert makes for the best delicacy at weddings. Not many people know that Qubani ka Meetha gets prepared using dried apricots and is one of the most savoured desserts.



A traditional sweet from a land of Goa, Bebinca is a pudding and a traditional Indo-Portuguese dessert that has total of seven layers with amazing flavor


Basundi originated from the regions of Gujarat & Maharashtra and is the dish popular as rabri in North India. This dish makes a perfect combination with jalebi and Imarti.


Similar to glazed doughnuts, balushahi is another popular North Indian delicacy that would make you drool over its soft and exotic taste.

Mysore Pak

The dessert that we are all grown up eating, Mysore Pak is another sweet delicacy to serve at the weddings.

Cardamom Mawa Cakes

Forget those modern cheesecakes and try out this lip smacking Indian version of cake with cardamom flavor.

Strawberry Soufflé

These soft and fluffy strawberry soufflé is all you need to grace the tables and impress your guests on the D-day.


This is another exotic dessert that comes in interesting and delicious flavors.  Ice creams are always popular among kids and adults.


Worldwide popular and kid’s favorite, don’t forget to add these amazing delicacy to your wedding menu to tempt your guests.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry shortcake is another delicious delicacy that you can include to your wedding menu.

So next time you plan your wedding menu, don’t forget to include these tempting desserts to make your wedding become talk of the town. You can also creating your wedding menu without any hassle with us at GetYourMenu – Best Caterers in Delhi.


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