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Top 10 Delicacies to Lit up Your Holi Celebrations

For some Holi is a time to get drenched in your favorite colors while others see it as the festivity to try out some mouth-drooling delicacies. It is an undeniable fact that food brings the essence to the Indian festivity. And it is one such aspect of the celebration that we all look forward to so why not make it a little interesting by serving your friends and family with lip-smacking dishes this Holi.


Scroll down to find the best delicacies to serve your guests this Holi: 


1. Puff Pastry Gujiya Bites

Holi calls for new recipes and new flavors so why not serve your guests with crispy and delicious puff pastry gujiya bites. These are not just easy to make but are very light on the stomach as well. You can also get them from the nearby bakery stores and sweet shops. Filled with coconut, nuts, cardamom, sugar, and raisins, these puff pastry gujiya will make all your guests fall in love them.



2. Thandai Panna cotta

Holi without a thandai; is that even possible? But don’t you want to serve your guests with something hatke this festive season. If yes, this Thandai Panna cotta will make a perfect choice for you. Made using milk, cream, saffron strands, gelatin, and thandai powder, your guests will love the refreshing flavors of this chilled beverage.



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3. Bread Dahi Vada 

The most preferred Indian appetizers that no one can say no to, Dahi Vada is indeed the best choice of an appetizer to have on your Holi food to-do list. You can also give it a modern twist by making Vadas with bread. The super soft and light on stomach delicacy, bread dahi vada will make all your guests fall in love with its refreshing flavors.



4. Dhuska

A popular snack from Jharkhand, Dhuska is another popular snack that you can have on your Holi menu. A perfect snack to serve your guests, it is easy to make and needs only a few ingredients. Once the dish is ready, you can serve it with any dip or chutney of your choice.



5. Puran Poli

Sweet flavored bread served on all important occasions in India, Puran Poli is a dish that you must try out this festive season. Best served with a dollop of ghee, Puran Poli is a flavorful dish that fills your stomach with a lip-smacking taste.



6. Rasmalai Tiramisu

A perfect blend of modern and traditional flavor, rasmalai tiramisu is one of the most sought-after recipes that you can consider keeping in the dessert section. It is one of the best desserts that you can serve to your millennial guests.



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7. Thandai Phirni 

Thandai Phirni is the traditional rice pudding aka dessert that will make your Holi celebration a lot more exciting. All you need is a thandai powder, basmati rice, and full cream milk. Garnish it with nuts and edible silver leaf and it is ready to serve.



8. Bhaang Pakora

A perfect and lip-smacking holi recipe, bhang pakora is just the right dish to serve to your guests this Holi season. But while you make them, be careful and don’t put too many bhaang (cannabis) leaves into the mixture. And yes be ready to receive heaps of compliments for this tasteful snack.



9. Khasta Kachori 

Another hit snack among North Indians, Khasta Kachori is something that you must not miss to try out this Holi season. This delicious spicy snack is served best with aloo sabzi, and chutney. So don’t think twice and make Khasta Kachori a part of your Holi menu.



10. Kumaoni Malpua -Uttarakhand-style

A special Uttrakhandi dessert, Kumaoni malpua is the best dessert to serve your guests this Holi Season. Made using banana, semolina, yogurt, and nuts, Kumaoni Malpua is all you need for a perfect Holi celebration.


So add all these mouth-watering snacks and delicacies to your Holi Menu and surprise your guests with exotic flavors. To get the perfect Holi catering service, you can contact our catering experts at Get Your Menu.


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