100+ Delicacies for the Delightful Holi Celebration

A time of the year, when the most played song is “Rang Barse” sung by Amitabh Bachchan at every nook and corner, Holi is indeed the best festival celebrated in India. The festival that brings immense joy to our lives and fills it with color and energy, Holi is indeed one such festival that can help you to unwind quite right. As festivity in India brings you a perfect opportunity to engage yourself in some fantastic feast, here we are listing down 100 sumptuous delicacies to add to your Holi party menu.


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Aloo Chat Tikki

A popular North Indian, Aloo Chat Tikki is loved by all. The tempting flavors of various chutneys used to prepare the dish makes it absolutely worth to have it on your Holi party menu. As it is also quite light on stomach, your guests would love trying it.


Baby Corn Manchurian

You can’t keep away yourself from trying this amazing Chinese delicacy. The flavors of corn and vegetables add richness to the dish and taste amazing if served hot. It is also one of the most liked Chinese delicacies among kids.


Badam ki kheer

If you want to keep desserts in your menu, Badam ki kheer would make the best choice as it is extremely refreshing and would help your guests keep cool during the summers. Serve it post lunch or along with appetizers; the choice is all yours.


Bajre Ka Halwa

Bajre ka Halwa is one of the healthiest snacks you’ll have to add to your menu. Bajra provides your body with adequate amount of nutrition and is the best dessert to add to your Holi menu. Your guests will definitely love trying this flavorsome dessert.



Our personal favorite, Balushahi is a dessert to drool over. The soothing flavors taste just perfect and the way it melts in your mouth right after the first bite makes it the must-have traditional delicacy to add to your holy party menu.



Made of sweet thickened milk with the pinch of cardamom and nutmeg, this delicious dessert prepared using milk is highly popular in the states of Maharashtra & Gujarat. Your guests would definitely love this flavorful delicacy.


Bedmi Poori

A famous breakfast delicacy mostly found in the streets of Delhi, Bedmi Poori is all you need to serve your guests with the delightful feast. Also known as Urad dal poori, Bedmi poori can be your go to dish for fantastic Holi celebration.


Beetroot Halwa

Who doesn’t know the benefits of including beetroot in the diet? This delicious and creamy delight will surely win hearts of your guests. Though the dish is a bit unconventional, it will surely catch eyes at the celebration.


Besan ka Halwa

Besan ka halwa is another authentic Indian delicacy that should definitely have on your party menu. Prepared after roasting besan or gram flour, besan ka halwa is a delightful delicacy that you must try.


Besan Laddoo

If you are thinking of packing sweets in gift hampers for your guests, besan laddoos make for a perfect choice. Delicious in taste, these besan laddoos would make you fall in love with them.



A hugely popular snack among Maharashtrians, Bhakarwadi is the best snack to present to your guests. This crispy and crunchy snack is all you need to serve our guests along with tea or coffee.