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Must Try Chocolate Combo that you cannot miss

It is tough to find someone who doesn’t have a soft corner for chocolate. And the goodness of the chocolate erupts when you pair it with some complementary and equally appealing food items like fruit, nuts, coffee, and many more. So if you are wondering what are these cool options are, here are some hot favourite chocolate combos that you must try:-


Chocolate with fruit

This is a mind-blowing combination and goes well with all fruit. It is the best way to add a pleasure quotient to the regular boring fruit bowl. All you need to do is balance the right kind of chocolate with the right fruit and you are in for a hearty treat.


Chocolate with Nuts

What can be more tempting than the eternal combo of chocolate with nuts? Mix dark chocolate with hazelnut, peanut, or almond or mix milk chocolate with walnut, the outcome is just savouring. If you are a fan of white chocolate, then go for macadamia.



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Chocolate with Coffee

Can you resist this sinful combination of chocolate with coffee? If you are addicted to both chocolate and coffee then indulge in this luxury combo. Mix dark chocolate with dark roasted coffee and for milk chocolate go for mild coffee.



Chocolate and Cheese

This unusual combo may not be popular, but you must try it at least once. You can try spicy cheese with orange dark chocolate or blue cheese with ginger dark chocolate and may just fall for it. The trick is to balance the taste of cheese with mixing the right type of chocolate to make the right combo.




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Chocolate and Coconut

This combination will go well with all you coconut lovers. The sweetness and texture of milky coconut go perfectly well with the sweetness of white chocolate and you can always mix the two to create your treat like a heart-warming chocolate coconut cake.



So, if you have not yet had the luck to taste these combos, do so without any further delay. For more such amazing catering services, contact our catering squad at Get Your Menu. You will love the culinary spread and appealing food presentation.



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