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Caterers In Delhi Reveal Top 10 “Hot & Spiciest” Indian Wedding Food Every Spice Fanatic Ought to Try!

Who doesn't love spicy food right? We Indians love our spicy flavour foods be it street chaats, or peppery chinese or aromatic north indian foods. No matter how much we huff or puff, we sweat ourselves out but we won't stop digging into it. Indian food comes in different flavours and aromas but Indian curries and succulent meats are incomplete without the use of spices. Spices are not just aromatic and flavourful, but also aid in digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties. Many even say that spices really help in many medical issues.

Many states in India use a lot of raw spices and chillies in their cooking. We love how best caterers in Delhi have started making authentic north indian dishes using the same spicy raw materials and chillies. Even if they are spicy, that does not stop us from having those amazing fiery hot dishes. Wedding caterers in Delhi are showcasing their love for spicy food and taking it up a notch by adding those extra chillies for the kick.

Weddings and spicy food always go hand in hand. I mean, majorly people attend weddings to eat all those spicy aromatic flavourful food right? Just kidding!!! But, if you are a spice lover, we bring you some of the best and most famous spicy dishes served in weddings only if you can handle it.


Chettinad Fish Fry

A speciality from the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu, this classic fish fry recipe has a host of delectable spices used for marination giving it a unique touch. The fish is marinated with all exotic authentic spices before cooking for 30 mins to enhance the taste of the dish. This South Indian recipe will surely win your guest's hearts when you serve them this portion of mouth-watering goodness. The wedding caterers advise you to enjoy this non-vegetarian delight with steamed rice and relish the outstanding taste of it in a better way! Also, this main dish recipe stands fair on the health front as fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which are known to improve your heart health.


Mutton Vindaloo

This Lamb Vindaloo or Mutton Vindaloo is a fantastic fiery red Indian curry dish of tender lamb chunks cooked in vindaloo sauce made with lots of red chillies, vinegar, garlic and spices. This tingly, flavourful curry is a popular and well known dish from Goa. Its etymology signals towards the Portuguese- ‘vin’ is for the vinegar, and ‘ahlo’ means garlic in Portuguese. There are many versions of this famous dish using potatoes, chicken, lamb or pork. Every bite of the Vindaloo satiates your taste buds and leaves you craving for more.

Isn’t that mouth watering? The best wedding caterers swear by this dish that it will leave you wanting for more.


Laal Maas

The first choice of spicy dish that every wedding caterer in Delhi wants to include in their wedding menu is the famous traditional dish from Rajasthan - Laal Maas. It is a fiery mutton recipe cooked in a variety of masalas with a burst of red chillies. The source of the dish’s hotness is the special variety of Rajasthani red chillies known as Mathania. Every meat lover should try this Rajputani warrior-favourite dish at least once.Our advice to you before you dig into this mouth-numbing spicy curry - brace yourselves for impact.



Rista is a famous dish of kashmiri wazwan, made of mutton meatballs in a thin, spicy red curry. This fiery lamb meatball curry is prepared in red chilly powder and other spices in a very special manner. The meat for this dish is hand-pounded with huge wooden hammers on a large flat solid wood base. The flavour of fennel seeds makes it unique from other similar looking red curries. The wedding caterers do not miss out on this amazing spicy dish and we would also urge you to keep this on your wedding menu.


Kozhi Kari

One of the hottest and spiciest chicken curries you will ever have in Kerala is the Kozhi curry. Made using both green and red chillies for its flavouring into a coconut-based; this hot curry is a delight for spice lovers! Tempered in coconut oil, the chilli powder chicken marinade is sauteed in oil to bring in equal spiciness into the curry and the meat. Kozhi curry is sure to make you sweat from non-sweatable places too!


Piro Aloo

Piro Aloo is a nepalese cuisine also known as Aloo Sadeko is almost like Indian dum aloo but way spicier than it. 'Piro' stands for chilli and 'Aloo' as we all know is potato. And as the name suggests, this dish is going to be spicier than it appears. Nepal is very famous for Piro Aloo as it is made with a special kind of red chillies that are widely available in the Himalayas. It is definitely worth trying and gives a perfect pahaadi touch to the food.


Andhra Dry Mutton

You must have often heard of mutton fry in various states but Aandra dry mutton is a unique dish full of spices that cling on the mutton pieces. The most important ingredient in this dish is dried coconut (copra) which gives a unique aroma and taste. This spicy mutton fry can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish with rice,roti, and  paratha.


Shutki Maach

This dish is very very popular in Bengali cuisine but not all can develop a taste for it. It takes time to acquire taste for it due to its strong smell. Shutki Maach means dried fish.It  is a  rather spicy mishmash of dry fish, rich in taste and is marked by profusion of onion, garlic and dry red chilies, all used to cut down the pungent odour of the dry fish. All in all if you can bear the smell of the dry fish you will definitely love this dish.


Andhra Chilli Chicken

Andhra chilli chicken is a boneless chicken dish that uses huge amounts of chilli, and is known to burn tongues of the uninitiated. Some connote the use of the term “Andhra” in the dish solely to signify how spicy it is. The wedding caterers are serving this dish instead of the traditional chilli chicken and trust me people are loving this more!


Saoji Chicken Curry

This Nagpur speciality is said to use all possible types of chilli powder and spices found in the kitchen. Well, not really, as they have their own special Saoji masala, but the insane amalgamation of every spice known to humanity is pretty much the impression Saoji Chicken Curry creates.

Let us know which dish you are excited to try! Also if you wish to create a wedding menu then do contact us for the best catering services in Delhi NCR.


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