15 Must-have South Indian Delicacies to Include in Your Wedding Menu

India is a country with many diversities, languages, and religions. Still greater is the diversity of the food that India has to offer. Indian food consists of various regional delicacies. One such regional delicacy is South Indian food. This might surprise you but South Indian weddings aren’t complete without lunch being served on the raw banana leaf also known as ‘Thalai Vazhai Ilai.’ When it comes to South Indian delicacies, there are too many to count and you just can’t get over the taste once you try the lip-smacking South Indian Cuisine.


Here, we are listing down the top 10 dishes that you must include in your South Indian wedding delicacies:



It is impossible to imagine a South Indian food as well as South Indian wedding without rice. The famous lemon rice will make your guests instantly drool over the taste and will make for a perfect menu.

South Indian Wedding Menu 1



If you love tangy and spicy food, sambar will become your favorite right after the first bite. Prepared using a wide-variety of spices and vegetables, this dish is not just healthy but satiates your taste bud in true sense.

South Indian Wedding Menu 2



An authentic South Indian dish from Kerala, Aviyal is a spicy thick mixture of 13 vegetables and is one such dish that was recommended by the Sitha Rishis of Western Ghats as well. Rich in nutrients, it is one of the most preferred dishes to add to the South Indian wedding menu.

South Indian Wedding Menu 3



Coconut based curries are quite common in South India and can be served along with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee. The combination of spices includes cayenne, cinnamon, cumin, turmeric, coriander offers an authentic and complex flavor.

South Indian Wedding Menu 4



A dish from Karnataka, Bisibelabath is a dish mainly from Karnataka and is a hot favorite among locals. Though the dish is quite similar to sambar rice in taste, the only difference is that it gets served mixed with rice.

South Indian Wedding Menu 5


Vegetable Biryani

Made using a lot of veggies, it is a quick and easy to prepare meal that you can make for a lunch or dinner. The beauty of this dish is that each region has its own recipe and style of cooking biryani.

South Indian Wedding Menu 6



It is one of the most commonly used side dishes, Poriyal is known for its rich flavor and exotic taste. The dish goes well with both Bisibelabath and sambhar rice. Some of the most common varieties of poriyal include lady’s finger poriyal, beans poriyal, and carrot poriyal, etc. 

South Indian Wedding Menu 7


Vaththa Kozambhu

The hot and tangy taste of this South Indian dish is all you need to serve your guests with flavor-rich food. This dish when mixed with rice makes for a wonderful combination and a perfect dish to add to your wedding menu.