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25 Scrumptious Mid Night Snacks You Must Serve Your Wedding Guests!

Are you someone who would love to keep their guests engaged and serve them with some amazing munchies during late night weddings or pheras, then these mid night snacks are all you need. After all the dancing and wedding shenanigans, your guests will need something to munch on during your pheras.

Wondering what delectable options you have to serve to your guests? Scroll down and check them out:


Flavoured Popcorns

Popcorn is so addictive. You can’t stop at one. They're easy to serve and feel like you’re at the movies. But instead of serving the normal ones, jazz it up a bit by serving flavoured popcorns like cheese, caramel, butter or chocolate.


Cake Pops

If you are looking for unique mid night snacks , then nothing can beat cake pops. They are delicious cute small portions of wedding cake.


Churma Ladoo

How can we not include Churma Ladoo while preparing the wedding menu. It is a traditional sweet from Gujarat that is a must serve on weddings!!


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Corn Cob

A super satiating and stomach filling, corn is a light and refreshing treat that you must have on your menu for phera snacks. It is a perfect snack to serve your guests in winter.


Cheese & Crackers

Cheesy, crunchy, and totally addictive, cheese crackers are truly snack-worthy. The perfect snack for mid night cravings!!



Give your guests some dose of sweetness and serve them with these super refreshing and mouth watering bite-sized cupcakes.



We guarantee you and your guests will go nuts for Doughnuts!!


Fries & Coke

"Exercise? I thought you said 'extra fries' ". Satisfy your guest’s mid night cravings with the best mid night snacks ``Fries & Coke ''. You can never go wrong with it.



If your friends are not watching their weight, fryums can be a great alternative! Super crispy, colourful and easy to make.


Heart Shape Sandwiches

Sandwiches are super healthy and delicious wedding snacks. Instead of presenting your guests a normal sandwich try experimenting with the way you present them. We are sure your guests will love them.


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Ice Cream Sandwich

Prepare to obsess over these yummy and delicious ice cream sandwich desserts. They are the perfect dessert option to switch things up.



Macaroons are the most popular dessert that your guest will love to have on their mid night cravings!!


Maggi noodles chaat

Your guests won't keep calm when you serve them delicious noodles chaat. Maggi is anyways a 3am friend to so many people, so why not serve it with a twist.


Mini burger

The best mid night snack to sate your guest’s hunger will be a mini burger. It's filling, yummy and quite easy to make.


Mini Pizza

Pizza is not a 'trend' it's a way of life. It is one of the best mid night snacks which has to be a part of your wedding menu. One can never go wrong with delicious mini pizzas.


Mini Samosa

This is the easiest wedding snack to serve.Ideal to serve for any kind of occasion. Serve this hot mini samosa with mint chutney and chai and we guarantee you, your guests will enjoy it to the fullest.


Mini Tacos

Celebrate your wedding with these tiny appetizers- mini tacos!! These are super fresh, bite sized and healthy. If you are looking to serve your guests some different variety of mid night snacks, then tacos should be your choice.


Monogrammed Cookies

What better way to serve your guests than a personalized monogrammed cookie. Your guests will always remember and appreciate the gesture, plus who can say no to cookies.


Nacho Cups

These days nachos are a go-to snack for just everyone. As these are easy to digest and are light on the stomach, they make for a perfect choice to serve to the guests.



There is nothing better and more nutritious than letting your guests munch on roasted dry fruits. Especially, if you are planning your weddings in winter, this would be a perfect choice.


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Looking for something healthy to serve your guests? Peanuts are a great nutritious and healthy mid night snack option for your wedding menu.



You can also offer individual pies or pie pops at your wedding as wedding snacks.


Potato chips

A fun snack that your guests will definitely enjoy is Potato Chips. The OG potato chips can never go out of style.


Roasted Makhane

If you wish to serve something healthy to your guests, makhane also known as fox nuts gives you the perfect opportunity to do that. These are a flavorful snack to serve to the guests.


His/Her Favourite Mid Night Snack

We have to have his/her favourite snacks. Are you wondering what that means? It is basically a snack hamper with the bride and groom’s favourite snacks they love to munch on. It is a brilliant and beautiful wedding snacks option to serve. Your guests will love the effort!!!

So, these were the amazing choices of snacks to must-have on your mid-night pheras. Your guests would surely drool over these finger-licking easy to grab snacks.


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