10 Healthy and Nutritious Snacks to Add to your Pre-wedding Diet Plan

As your wedding date comes closer, the more concerned you become for your weight, especially if you are a bride-to-be. Hundreds of questions cross your mind. Whether you would be able to fit in your lehenga? What if you have to run for the alterations at the last minute? Should you be prepared with some alternate options and a lot more? So why not be a little careful and prepare a diet plan with snacks that are not just light on the stomach but also provide your body with an ample amount of nutrition. Also, make sure you eat in small portions at frequent intervals to avoid gaining those extra kilos.


Scroll down to check some healthy and nutritious snacks to stay fit on your D-Day: 


#1 Omega Seed Mix

It is something that you must-have to provide your body with enough nutrition. Loaded with several superfoods like flaxseeds, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, etc., munching on this snack will keep you healthy all day long. You can also consider some other options like fruit and nuts trail mix, honey roasted almonds, etc.

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 1 


#2 Vanilla Nut Bar 

Wedding preparation is a hectic process, and you don’t even realize what you are eating when you are stressed or when you go out for shopping. But keeping vanilla nut bar can change that and you can easily avoid gaining calories. This bar gets prepared using puffed rice, almonds, dates, and raisins with a flavor of vanilla.

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 2


#3 Muesli 

Muesli makes for a perfect breakfast to start your day. Rich in proteins and antioxidants, it is one such superfood that can do wonders for your health. The flavor of cinnamon adds to the crunchy texture making it more tasteful and good for your health.

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 3 


#4 Chia Seed Oatmeal 

Oats are widely popular for their health benefits and makes for a perfect meal to have every day. All you need to do is to soak chia seeds in a jar overnight and add some milk and nuts to make it more flavorful. Have it the next day in the morning to enjoy a healthier breakfast.

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 4


#5 Chia turmeric cookies 

To avoid the excuse of eating unhealthy outside, why not keep healthy snacks with you like these chia turmeric cookies. Low in calories, these cookies are the perfect option for snacking and would help you feel fuller without making you look fat.

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 5


#6 Granola 

Who would want to eat fast food when you have some healthier snacking options available? These delicious crunchy cookies are super healthy and come packed with protein, fiber, and nuts. If you are a chocolate lover, nothing makes for a better breakfast than the Cocoa Grunch Granola. 

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 6 


#7 Flax Crackers 

Among all the wedding stress, having something healthy to eat in breaks is always the right choice. How about having flax crackers, which are rich in Omega 3s, antioxidants, and fiber? These are also very low in calories and prevent you from putting on weight.

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 7 


#8 Superfood Smoothies 

As your wedding day arrives, make sure you start your day by drinking the super healthy smoothie. And there is no better option than to go for this healthy beverage made with superfoods like quinoa, chia seeds, flax seeds, bananas, etc.

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 8 


#9 Oatmeal muffins 

Quick and easy to grab, these muffins made of pumpkin seeds and oatmeal, make for a perfect choice for breakfast. They are also easy to digest and rich in nutrients like iron, potassium, and Vitamin A.

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 9


#10 Cinnamon Coconut Chips

A simple yet tasteful snack with tempting flavors, these coconut chips will provide your body with the richness of coconut and would surely help you stay fit and in shape without making many efforts.

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks 10

Also, not just before the wedding, but try to include these healthy snacks to your diet for the lifetime. These snacks would also make for the perfect choice to serve your guests for breakfast. Buy them now!


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