25 Scrumptious Mid Night Snacks You Must Serve Your Wedding Guests!

Are you someone who would love to keep their guests engaged and serve them with some amazing munchies during late night weddings or pheras, then these mid night snacks are all you need. After all the dancing and wedding shenanigans, your guests will need something to munch on during your pheras.

Wondering what delectable options you have to serve to your guests? Scroll down and check them out:


Flavoured Popcorns

Popcorn is so addictive. You can’t stop at one. They're easy to serve and feel like you’re at the movies. But instead of serving the normal ones, jazz it up a bit by serving flavoured popcorns like cheese, caramel, butter or chocolate.

Mid Night Snacks 1


Cake Pops

If you are looking for unique mid night snacks , then nothing can beat cake pops. They are delicious cute small portions of wedding cake.

Mid Night Snacks 2


Churma Ladoo

How can we not include Churma Ladoo while preparing the wedding menu. It is a traditional sweet from Gujarat that is a must serve on weddings!!

Mid Night Snacks 3


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Corn Cob

A super satiating and stomach filling, corn is a light and refreshing treat that you must have on your menu for phera snacks. It is a perfect snack to serve your guests in winter.

Mid Night Snacks 4


Cheese & Crackers

Cheesy, crunchy, and totally addictive, cheese crackers are truly snack-worthy. The perfect snack for mid night cravings!!

Mid Night Snacks 5



Give your guests some dose of sweetness and serve them with these super refreshing and mouth watering bite-sized cupcakes.

Mid Night Snacks 6



We guarantee you and your guests will go nuts for Doughnuts!!

Mid Night Snacks 7


Fries & Coke

"Exercise? I thought you said 'extra fries' ". Satisfy your guest’s mid night cravings with the best mid night snacks ``Fries & Coke ''. You can never go wrong with it.

Mid Night Snacks 8



If your friends are not watching their weight, fryums can be a great alternative! Super crispy, colourful and easy to make.

Mid Night Snacks 9


Heart Shape Sandwiches

Sandwiches are super healthy and delicious wedding snacks. Instead of presenting your guests a normal sandwich try experimenting with the way you present them. We are sure your guests will love them.