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#Update 2022: Trending New Catering Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests Awestruck!

When it comes to intimate weddings, you might be a little more stuck on the menu than what you would at a regular wedding. After all, it's so easy to get confused- do you do brunch, lunch, breakfast or breakfast for dinner? There are no rules when it comes to your wedding food anymore, and here are some insane, spanking new wedding food ideas by the best wedding caterers we found that are perfect for some much needed inspiration!

What's cooking? Know all the details about the winter wedding 2022 catering trends. 


A beer bar for endless topups 

Who would not love a beer bar? A custom craft beer station, to serve up beer like never before at a wedding! 


Food on sticks 

Because why not! Plus, you don't have to use your hands!


Clip it on 

No more sharing! Just clip the snack to the glass, and voila! You don't have to wait for the waiter to come to you for a while. Genius, isn't it?


Food on Cone 

Now isn't that cute, and so apt for the pheras or when the mehendi is being put? Super cute, and easy to maintain social distancing with!


Hydration Stations 

Instead of welcome drinks, how about a cute hydration station with coconut water or something healthy for everyone? Would work so well for an intimate summer wedding!

These bespoke ideas along with lip-smacking suggestions of food display are sure to make your wedding feast an unforgettable one.

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