Top Food Items that you must have on your Post-Wedding Brunch

Planning a wedding is not an easy task. All the arrangements and wedding celebrations will drain you financially, physically, and emotionally especially when you have no helping hand. And, amidst all this hustle and bustle, you forget to decide on your post-wedding brunch, which is yet again another important aspect of the wedding. But while picking your post-wedding brunch, you must remember that since you’ll have a weeklong of heavy food fest during your wedding celebration, the food items you include in your brunch must be light on stomach.


So, here are the top 8 food items that you must add to your post-wedding brunch:


Salad Bar

It is always best to start your day by eating something healthy. How about having your DIY salad bar at your post-wedding brunch? It will instantly become the favorite of all health-conscious guests.

Post-Wedding Brunch 1



It is something that catches everyone’s attention immediately. Who doesn’t want sweets, especially on post-wedding brunch? So make sure you have desserts on your post-wedding brunch to offer your guests with an exotic feast.

Post-Wedding Brunch 2


Hot Coffee

Weddings are tiring, and there is no better way to refill the energy in your guests than serving them with hot coffee. It is also an excellent idea for all those people looking for a way to get rid of a hangover.

Post-Wedding Brunch 3


Idli Dosa

After days of binge eating, it is essential to give your digestive system a break and eat something that is light on the stomach and is easy to digest. And Idli Dosa is undoubtedly the best South Indian food item to consider for your post-wedding brunch.

Post-Wedding Brunch 4


Trail Mix

What could be better than serving your guests with a super-healthy trail mix that contains the goodness of several superfoods?