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Top 10 Ghostly Catering Ideas for a Spooktacular Halloween Party!

It is the spooky season and you want to throw a devilish Halloween party. Your decoration is downright terrifying and your costume is on point, but you still aren’t sure what to serve people. You want to go beyond the generic party food and make your spread as spooky as your soul. If you need some assistance catering the ghoulish feast for your Halloween party, then our list of top 10 ideas is sure to get your creative juices flowing. 

Your party snacks can range from grueling to cute but deadly. With small canapes, your guests will love the visuals and will be able to enjoy the season's festivities with ease. A little effort to theme your snacks to the season will be much appreciated and be sure to make you the best party host of all time.


Ghostly Pizza

As a rule of thumb bugs on pizza are a big no-no, but not this season! Serve mini pizzas with creatures and designs made of toppings, black olives are great for use as eyeballs, and with the right type of sliced cheese, you can turn your pizza into an Egyptian mummy.


Monster Burgers

It's time to bite down on the monsters that hunt you! Monster burgers are a great visual component and a delicious savory snack for your Halloween party. You can design your burgers with gherkin "tongues", cheese "teeth" and stuffed olive "eyes" to really bring out the monster within. If you make mini burgers, it’s a great way to keep your guests light on their feet while still enjoying the freakish gourmet burgers.


Spooky Eyeball Tacos 

You’ve seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 right? Right? You know where we are going with this. Turn your normal tacos into tacodiles with strategically placed slices of olives and sour cream. With the right topping placement, this delicious Mexican snack will become a fearsome monster sure to spook your guests.


Spaghetti with meatball eyeballs

Spaghetti and meatballs is an ideal main meal after a night of partying and snacking. It is a relatively low-effort meal that can be turned fiendish with small tweaks. Proper meatball placement can make eyes for your spaghetti monster and when topped with round slices of mozzarella and olives, your monster will really come alive.


Halloween Naan with curry 

Invoke the feelings from The Scream by Edvard Munch and turn Naan into ghoulish howling faces that are sure to freak your guests out. A crispy and fluffy homemade naan with eyes and a screaming face is a great simple addition to your curry of choice to turn it from delicious to devious. 


Freaky Fruits

Tuck into ghoulish grape snakes, apple fangs, lychee eyeballs, and more with this freaky fruit platter, sure to tickle and terrify Halloween guests!


Skeleton Salad

This adorable idea won't take any time at all. Just arrange your favorite veggies into the shape of a skeleton. Don't forget the dip!


Halloween Graveyard Cake

Halloween Graveyard Cake layers chocolate pudding over a chocolate cake before being finished off with a 3-ingredient frosting and fun toppings! This festive cake will be an absolute hit at this your Halloween Party!


Pumpkin Pie

Halloween is incomplete without a pumpkin recipe and what better way to serve pumpkin to your guests than a pumpkin pie. This pumpkin pie recipe stays classy and sweet but is still themed with the little meringue ghosts.


Witches Magic Potion

Spooky Halloween Party Punch is a fun drink to serve your guests, all that haunting must make them thirsty! We’ve got just the thing to quench the soul's deep thirst of the undead. Scary ice sculptures make a chilling addition to this bloody delicious beverage.

So, if you're planning a Halloween costume party or a more intimate dinner while the kids go trick-or-treating, then these are some inspirations for the best Halloween food ideas

So wait no more, it's time to turn the heat up on your cauldron and get cooking (or should we say brewing?). Book us now for more scary Halloween catering ideas and let us serve you the spooktacular food, reach out to us at (+91)9319609444 or email us at sales@getyourmenu.in or visit our website www.getyourmenu.in


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