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Top 10 famous foods in Jaipur that you ought to have in your wedding menu!

The grandeur of a wedding is judged from not just its décor but also from the wide array of gastronomic spreads served at the wedding. Gone are the days when the wedding food was limited to a three-course meal. With the changing taste of the people, the wedding industry has revolutionized the concept of food served at the wedding. Modern weddings have customized menus that include a selection of both international and regional cuisine and one such loved cuisine is the food of Jaipur Rajasthan.

The land of Maharajas and Rajas, Rajasthan is rich and diverse in culture. Just like the diverse culture, its cuisine is highly unique and famous. The immense love for food that Rajasthanis have is eminently shown in its preparation. The food is spicy and as royal as Rajasthan itself.

Whether you love spicy food or are a dessert person, this state has a variety of tantalizing dishes in its arsenal for you. The surreal blend of aromatic spices paired with the tantalizing flavors is what makes the Jaipur food a treat for the taste buds.

Serving fusion foods at weddings has become a trendsetter at modern weddings and the wedding caterers in Delhi are leaving no stone unturned to curate a menu with the best of Jaipur foods.

So, are you ready for a gastronomical ride through the platters of this royal Indian state? Scroll down to discover the famous cuisines of the pink city.


Dal Baati Churma 

When in Rajasthan one simply cannot miss out on this lip-smacking dish. Dal Baati Churma is the most popular dish of Rajasthani cuisine. This meal is an esteemed part of every Rajasthani household. Baatis are flaky round breads usually baked over firewood or kandas. These baatis are served with ghee for dipping and accompanied by panchmel or panchkuti dal and churma. This is one of the most popular and famous foods in Jaipur. Chokhi Dhani is the best place to have Dal Baati Churma; its ambiance is designed in a way to give a feel of Rajasthan’s cultural heritage Adding on to its charm a sugary-sweet dish known as Churma is commonly served with it. The wedding caterers in Delhi never skip out on this dish if they are curating a jaipur wedding food menu. 


Pyaz Kachori 

Pyaaz Kachori is a must-try and is the most popular food from the streets of Jaipur that originated in Jodhpur.  It is fried fluffy pastry filled with onions and potatoes chopped to perfection and mixed with spices to give a fiery flavor to the mixture.  A plate of piping hot pyaaz kachori served with Dhaniye ke chatni is all that a local Jaipurite can ask for breakfast. This staple from Jaipur must make it to your jaipur wedding food menu. The most known place in Jaipur for this delectable item is Rawat Mishthan Bhandar. 


Ker Sangri

A traditional dish that dates back to the years when Rajasthan was hit by drought. Ker is a vegetable that is grown in the hot conditions of Rajasthan. It is a traditional Rajasthani dish made with dried ker berry and sangri beans mixed with spices. It is served as pickles with Bajra Roti. It is the most important element to complete a Rajasthani Platter and the best caterers in Delhi know that it is a must have for your jaipur wedding food menu


Gatte ki Sabzi 

a traditional rajasthani curry recipe made with besan sausages or chickpea flour dumplings cooked in a spicy and tangy yogurt based gravy. Gatte ki sabzi is one of the famous foods in Jaipur that serves as a perfect accompaniment to rice and chapati. It is very easy to cook and excellent in taste especially when it is cooked in pure ghee. 


Lal Maas 

For all your meat eaters, the wedding caterers in Delhi have included the OG food of Jaipur - Lal Maas in their Jaipur wedding food menu. A traditional Rajasthani mutton (goat meat) curry that is fiery hot and deep red in color. It is prepared in a sauce of curd and hot spices such as red chillies and garlic. The hero ingredient is the smoky Mathania chilli, named after the region in Jodhpur. You can team this spicy non-vegetarian dish with bajra roti or plain rice to instantly experience gastronomical bliss. Treat your guests with the goodness of red meat as you serve this dish at your wedding. 


Mirchi Vadas 

Mirchi vada is the award-winning dish of Jaipur that is made of green chilies wrapped in a mixture of spiced potatoes and dipped in a batter of chickpea flour and is deep-fried. Well, this dish is prepared in such a way that the spicy taste doesn’t make your eyes or nose run. It is usually served with mint and tamarind chutney. 


Bajra Khichdi 

Bajra khichdi is a warming and nutritious khichdi made during winters. It's also a staple food in the regions of Rajasthan. It is made using bajra or pearl millet, rice, and lentils. Bajre ki Khichdi is flavored with ginger and green chilies to make it even more delicious.  Once it is made, it is topped with lots of ghee, which is a great addition to your meals during the winter season. 


Rajasthani Kadhi 

Kadhi is a dish originating from Rajasthan and is a staple food in Rajasthan households. It consists of a thick gravy made of gram flour, and contains vegetable fritters called pakoras, to which dahi is added to give it a bit of sour taste. Kadhi and chawal (rice) is the quintessential food and is the best addition to the wedding menu. 


Mawa Kachori 

The Mawa kachori is an exotic dessert of Rajasthan. Packed with the goodness of Mawa and nuts this dish shows the royalty and richness of Rajasthan. The fluffy pastry filled with the mixtures of Mawas and lots of nuts makes an incredible festive dessert. 



This creamy sweet dish is one of India’s finest and is loved by people from different cultures. This is a traditional Rajasthani sweet associated with the Teej Festival, with its roots from Jaipur. It is a round, cake-like sweet made with the all purpose flour soaked in sugar syrup. Various varieties of Ghewar are available in the market such as Kesar, Rabri and Malai Ghevar.

So these are a few famous foods in Jaipur that our wedding caterers in Delhi are  considering adding to the wedding menu. Which one got you drooling? Share with us your choice in the comments below.


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