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The perfect Christmas party menu for your Christmas party 2021!

Winter is upon us and we are celebrating the season with different festivals back-to-back. The time to be jolly is here again. Stardust of cold nights, bright lights, and hot chocolate covers the atmosphere. After all, it's the Christmas season. Christmas is just around the corner and our preparations are on an all-time high. It's time to sing Christmas carols and indulge in all things yummy and decadent. The festival oozes happiness, and the streets start smelling like joy. Christmas parties are all about having an incredible time where friends and families are dining on interesting anecdotes and stories, and more importantly, lip-smacking food. If you're also hosting a platform for good times and are struggling to get it just right, we might come in handy.

Does the thought of cooking an entire Christmas dinner for friends and family make you shudder? The best party caterers in Gurgaon have created the ultimate simplified menu for a stress-free day. With a range of time-saving techniques and showstopping flavour twists, this is the only festive menu you'll ever need. Whether you’re having a summery Aussie Christmas lunch, a cosy White Christmas, a traditional Christmas dinner, or need speedy recipes that still have the wow factor, here’s a collection of very best Christmas food ideas!  If you too are busy surfing the internet looking for Christmas-special menu, then fret not; we've got you covered here!




Slow-Cooked Spiced Sangria 

Warm up with a glass of Winter Sangria! This slow cooker fruity mulled wine is simmered with red wine, brandy, triple sec, and diced fruits. This cocktail will make a great addition to your holiday gatherings! Winter Sangria is belly warming, comforting and just the right mix for cool evenings. 


Christmas Hot Chocolate 

Decadent, creamy, velvety, and rich -all apply to a piping-hot mug of cocoa. After all, hot cocoa helps to bring out the natural flavors of gingerbread cookies, red velvet cake, and even more Christmas candy, right? Right. Don't forget to pile on plenty of toppings of marshmallows, crushed up candy canes, and chocolate shavings. 




Old Monk Sticky Chicken Wings 

Old monk sticky chicken wings- a cracker of a dish, for an amazing Christmas eve dinner. Gorgeous wings drenched in a thick, juicy Old Monk sauce are finger-licking good. These wings will jolt up the palate with the spicy texture. 


Hot Rock Garlic Prawns 

These curled-up bundles of flavour will be a delightful pick. The tenderness of prawns and the thrill contained in garlic sauce cannot be anything but yummy. These melt in the mouth and they are super easy to cook using a handful of ingredients. This dish gets ready in just under 20 minutes. They are perfect to serve as a starter or serve them as a side sign along with your meal. 


Mutton Kebab 

No one can ever go wrong with kebabs. Mutton kebabs are every non-vegetarian's favourite. Juicy and flavourful mutton pieces grilled to perfection are sure a party starter


Fried Onion Rings 

Crunchy, sweet and a delicious tea-time snack, very easy and quick to prepare. Keep it classic and simple with the addition of some fried onion rings that find favour with all palates. This deep fried snack is always a hit when it comes to snacking before the big meal. 


Turkey Potato Chops 

Crunchy, soft and mellow on the outside. Spicy, tangy and meaty inside, turkey potato chops are the kind of thing you'd want to save for your last bite. They're fried and spicy and potato-y and meaty and are an instant crowd pleaser for parties too!  




Roasted Chicken With Mushroom and Wine Sauce 

Little chicken thighs swimming in a white wine and mushroom sauce with a drool worthy aroma wafting around is just too dang incredible. Simply brown the chicken, make your mushroom sauce, pop it into the oven and voilà , dinner is served. With only a handful of ingredients, this is a perfect meal to share on a weeknight. The combination of buttery mushrooms with garlic and the white wine sauce is utterly dreamy. 


Garlic Herb Butter Roasted Turkey 

A stuffed and roasted Turkey is what signifies Christmas. This dreamy dish is succulent and tender on the inside with a golden, buttery skin and so much flavour! Stuffed turkey is basted with a butter mixture and then roasted to perfection in an oven. Needless to say, Christmas Dinner is just incomplete without Turkey. 


Four Cheese Pasta 

Cheesy Pasta is one of the world's greatest comfort foods and this four cheese version is ready in 15 minutes, as you make the simple sauce whilst the pasta cooks. This recipe for a creamy Italian four-cheese sauce, salsa ai quattro formaggi, works great on any type of pasta or gnocchi. This Creamy Four Cheese Pasta recipe is so easy to make and will be a hit with the entire family! 


Mini Christmas Tree Pizza 

This will be the star of your Christmas appetizers spread. Looking just like a cute Christmas tree, small pizza slices made with pesto and other veggies will be over in no time. These Mini Christmas Tree Pizzas are super easy to put together and the whole family will love them! These are great if you want to make something different as a family. Great as a snack, appetizer, or even a light dinner during the busy season. 


Pull Apart Christmas Tree 

We all love garlic knots, and pulling apart Christmas tree bread has been all the rage lately, so why not combine the two? Make a festive Christmas Tree Pull Apart Bread this holiday season. Get that gooey cheese pull when you serve this warm and festive appetizer. A great addition to your holiday appetizer table, perfect for parties but best eaten warm! 




Buche (Yule log) 

Buche (Yule log) is a traditional dessert served during the pre-Christmas dinners and luncheons and on Christmas Eve in France and in neighboring countries. It is made of a delicate sponge-type cake and rolled up, looking like a log in different variants.


Gingerbread Cookies 

Gingerbread cookies are the essence of the holidays and are deeply flavored with spices and molasses. These cookies can be made with simple ingredients like Ginger, nutmeg, spices, cloves, sugar and honey.  Decorate with royal icing and enjoy them for dessert on your Christmas eve! 


Plum Cake 

Christmas is incomplete without its traditional christmas cake aka plum cake. It is a fruity and nutty cake with the goodness of dried cherries, almonds, raisins and many more dried fruits.

So, here is the guide for the night by the party caterers for your Christmas party menu 2021. Hope you enjoy it.


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