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Tantalize your guests' taste buds with 15 Wedding Menu must-haves!

An Indian wedding is about grandeur and glamor and extravagance, and a big part of that opulence is the scrumptious feast. The wedding catering spread is one of the most critical and much-debated parts of the whole affair. The way to your guests’ hearts is definitely through their stomachs and so filling out a wedding menu can be a very frustrating and aggravating task. The great part about Indian cuisine is the variety it can offer and the worst part about it is the variety it offers. There is so much that it becomes a grueling task to decide which dishes get selected and which are sadly rejected.

It becomes an arduous task to filter out what needs to be included, even when your heart says to have it all. To help you with that difficult task, we hope our list of 15 wedding menu must-haves will be useful. It is compiled after much deliberation by the best wedding caterers in Delhi, Us!


Pani poori

This is the quintessential Indian snack and an unspoken rule to include this in your menu. Don’t disappoint your guests, include pani puri/ golgappa/ puchka in your snack aisle.


Dahi Vada or Dahi Bhalla

It's also great to include this smooth yet tangy chat item in your menu. Always a crowd favorite, people go wild for the bhallas.


Creamy Soup

Soup is a great addition to your wedding menu because it is the warm hug that gets the palette warmed up for the huge feast that is to come. You can opt for creamy tomato or creamy mushroom; both are delicious to inaugurate the meal.



Everyone loves tandoori starters, be they vegetarians or non-vegetarians. Be sure to include paneer, chicken, and chaap in your tandoori selection in a few different marinades, to keep your guests excited.


Crispy Chilli Baby Corn / Potato / Chicken

An all-time Indo-Chinese favorite of the masses, your guests are bound to love the saucy yet crispy concoction of baby corn or potato.


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Manchurian and Noodles

A favorite with the children, another quintessential dish to get the guests vibing with the tangy and spicy kick of the manchurian with the nostalgic taste of street-style noodles


Mini Idlis and Sambar

An ideal south Indian dish, the mini idlis, and sambar combo is a great addition to keep your south Indian food enthusiast satiated.


Vegetable Tawa Bhel

This will be a crucial addition to your wedding catering as it becomes somewhat of a mini showcase of seeing the chefs prepare it live, and it tastes amazing and is healthy!


Live Pasta station

We are as big pasta addicts as anyone else, and this live counter will be extremely popular with your guests. Just be sure to include multiple sauces and a nice veg selection to entice the guests.


Paneer Gravy Curry

Because everyone has a favorite, it is difficult to pinpoint what paneer gravy works best, but we feel paneer lababdar is generally a good hit with the guests. But choose whichever gravy tickles your fancy.


Dal Makhani

This delectable dal dish is a creamy and spice-filled creation guaranteed to satisfy your guests' dal cravings. The smooth creamy dal goes great with most tandoori bread.


Butter Chicken

If you do enjoy eating non-vegetarian food, you for sure should make this an addition to your wedding catering menu. It is an instant hit with almost everyone and everyone enjoys the scrumptious taste of this classic.



A wedding without biryani feels almost incomplete, and we don’t discriminate against veg, chicken, or mutton; we love them all! We are sure your guests will share the same sentiments, so be sure to include the rice delicacy.


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Roller Kulfi

A great concoction of the Indian desert gods, the roller kulfi becomes a great attraction for children and adults alike, and you get a huge variety of flavors. Add some seviyan and it's taken up a notch.



The ideal way to end most meals is with the right paan. Be it meetha or just a supari paan, this mouth freshener will be great to cap off your delectable wedding feast.

It can be very confusing to decide what your wedding catering should be, but we hope our wedding catering ideas have helped ease that burden.

And if you need any help finding the right caterer, reach out to us at (+91)9319609444 or email us at sales@getyourmenu.in or visit our website www.getyourmenu.in


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