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Must Savour Gujarati Wedding Food That Tickles Your Taste Buds

Any wedding is incomplete sans an extravagant display of mouth-watering and lip-smacking dishes. Hosts plan a wedding menu with a lot of care and ensure people with diverse palates have something to enjoy, savour and look forward to. If you have been invited to a Gujarati wedding, you can anticipate an amazing variety of delectable Gujarati dishes awaiting you. This drool-worthy wedding feast is sure to be remembered for a long time to come. Since there is going to be a very lavish spread and you cannot try them all, we bring you a carefully curated list of some of the must-have Gujarati food that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.


What’s so special about Gujarati Food?

If you are wondering about why Gujarati food is one of the most sought-after food all across the world, here we tell you why.

Gujarat is not only known for its warm, fun-loving people, vibrant culture, and colourful attires, it is also known for its amazing food. Right from snacks to main dishes and desserts, there is so much to dig into. It is truly a food lovers’ delight. This wedding season, relish Gujarati food and you are sure to enjoy amazing Gujarati flavours.



It is a delicious spicy-sweet Gujarati delight. It is known for its amazing flavours. Patra is steamed leaves that comes with a spicy filling of gram flour giving you a perfect crunchy treat that seems to melt in your mouth. This dish is served with amazing dips that have grated coconut added to it to add a little sweet taste to it.

Gujarati Wedding Food 1 


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It is another Gujarati dish that has gained worldwide popularity for its amazing taste. It is a steamed dish that is served fresh. It is also made up of gram flour and is tempered with curry leaves, mustard seeds, julienned green chilies, and grated coconut. It is usually served from a live counter at weddings. This simple dish can be made more interesting when served with tartar sauce and grated cheese garnishing. 

Gujarati Wedding Food 2


Gujarati Kadhi

This is an amazing Gujarati dish which is made with yogurt and a little sugar to make it spicy-sweet. Served with steaming hot rice or khichdi, it is a much-loved dish of Gujarat. It is served with a flourish on all auspicious occasions. 

Gujarati Wedding Food 3 


Gujarati Dal

It is a good old dal with a Gujarati twist. This dal is also served with steamed rice and can also be enjoyed with various farsans. It is a staple Gujarati dish that is relished by people all through the year.

Gujarati Wedding Food 4


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It is an amazing baked dish that is perfect for calorie-conscious people. It is a kind of spicy cake with a lot of interesting flavours and vegetables to make it healthy and nutritious. Seasoned with curry leaves and mustard seeds enhance its unique taste. It is served with a spicy chutney.

Gujarati Wedding Food 5


It is a very popular Gujarati dish and an important part of a wedding feast. It is a mixed vegetable dish that is served with rice and bread. It can also be enjoyed with piping hot pooris.

Raswale Aloo

This dish is made with potato and tomato and is quite spicy to taste. It is served with jeera rice, poori or parantha. It is also served as a stuffed tomato with rich and spicy tomato and potato gravy.

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After enjoying spicy-sweet Gujarati dishes, now if the time for dessert. How about slurping on the thick, sweet pulp of mango! Gujarati people savour this dish with hot pooris.  

Fruity Shrikhan

This sweet dish is made from strained yogurt. It can be made in amazing flavours, added fresh fruits and rich dry fruit garnishing. It can be served just as a dessert or can be enjoyed with fried pooris.

Despite weddings are increasingly inspired by Western cuisines and delicacies, traditional dishes have still managed to hold its ground. With a little twist to the menu, these mouth-watering Gujarati dishes are sure to take you across a culinary journey that you are going to remember for a long time to come. 


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