Jain Wedding Menu-Some Not to be Missed Delicacies

The wedding season has started, and you must have received a lot of wedding invitations where your presence is graciously solicited. If you are a foodie and love vegetarian food, a Jain wedding menu is your best bet where your taste buds will experience a cornucopia of tastes. Here, we bring you a few popular Jain dishes for a wedding that are not to be missed when attending the “do.”

 Jain dishes are known for its bounty of tastes and vegetarian spread that is sure to appeal to your palate. When you visit a Jain wedding, make it a point to try a few popular dishes.


Jain Mixed Vegetable Handvo

It is a nutrient-rich recipe that is made up of a paste of urad, masoor, moong, and chana daal with rice. A lot of vegetables are added to the paste along with a pinch of sugar, salt, and baking soda. Handvo is made by adding sesame seeds to oil and pouring the paste into it. It is stirred until cooked well by adding water as and when required. Handvo is a quintessential part of Indian Jain wedding menu.

Jain Wedding Menu 1



Dhokla is one of the most popular Gujarati dishes but also served as a part of Jain menu. Made up of fermented batter of rice and chickpeas, this dish is a part of pre-dinner snack. Its juicy and soft textured taste melting in the mouth stays with you for a long time.

Jain Wedding Menu 2


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Kele ki Chutney

Another dish that is an integral part of a Jain wedding food menu is kele ki chutney. Kela or banana is one of the best fruits which is consumed raw and is said to have enormous health benefits. This simple fruit is used to make chutney with a new tang that seems to have an amazing aftertaste. It is made by blending oil, curd, some Indian spices, and boiled bananas. It is one of the unique recipes in Jain weddings.

Jain Wedding Menu 3


Paneer Dal Curry

Any wedding feast is incomplete without a single recipe of paneer. Paneer Dal Curry is different from regular paneer dishes as it includes an added ingredient- soaked dal. This dish can be relished with hot chapatis and rice. It is a perfect addition to a rich Jain wedding lunch menu.

Jain Wedding Menu 4


Corn Upma

Corn upma is a good addition to Jain wedding food menu. It is delectable and nutritious. It is usually served as an appetizer and is made with corn kernels, rawa, milk, and mild Indian spices. It is immensely enjoyed by people with distinct food choices.

Jain Wedding Menu 5


Kela Methi nu Shaak

This is another dish made up of banana. It is prepared with fenugreek leaves that are bitter to taste with sweet banana dices. This dish with two extreme tastes can be enjoyed with rice or roti.

Jain Wedding Menu 6

The dishes mentioned above are an inherent part of a Jain menu for wedding and all these dishes have unique ingredients and a play of diverse tastes that gives immense gastronomic pleasure while enjoying them.


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