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Create The Best Buffet-Spread Ever That Please Every Palate

One cannot imagine a party being happening without lip-smacking food to drool over! When planning a huge party, that too, on a budget, we recommend planning a grand buffet spread that has a selection of dishes that pleases everyone. Now, setting up a buffet is easier said than done. Here, we bring you some simple hacks that will make your job easier and reduce a lot of effort and time that goes into planning. Following these tricks will make planning a buffet a breezy affair for you!



Hacks to make buffet preparation easy and simple for you!


These tips are aimed at making the whole buffet preparation experience a pleasant one for you!


Go Systematic

The only drawback with buffet serving is chaos if not planned well. Avoid this pitfall by going systematic and have a clear systematic and endpoint. They must have a clear view, or the cuisines served. Keep vegetarian and non-vegetarian sections separate. Place starters, snacks, main dishes and then desserts. 


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Create A Drinks Corner

Keep food and drinks sections separate. You can come up with a unique drinks section or cart where people can explore and pick up a drink of their choice. If you are hiring a server, you can also serve drinks like coffee, cold drinks, etc. But, if you are throwing a party on a strict budget, having a separate drink section makes a lot of sense. Place drinks in creative and distinctive ways so that it attracts the guests and leaves a lasting impression on them. 


Place cutlery and crockery at multiple places

Instead of stacking all cutlery, crockery, cups, glasses, napkins, etc., at one place, spread them over to 2-3 corners so that guests do not crowd the place and get their hands on crockery and cutlery without hopping at one place. Ensure mess at food counters and crockery counters is as less as possible which means you will have to spread out a little and make optimal utilization of space. A small tip-Place napkin stacks facing outwards so that it is easier for the guests to pick. 


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Make your buffet spread colourful and interesting

One last and final hack that is sure to make your buffet spread popular is coming up with colourful and interesting cuisines. Add dishes that appeal to young and old alike or add dishes that meet palate and preference of everyone. If you are going with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, ensure both have equal food choices. Colourful dishes like salads, soups, curries, rice, desserts, etc., also make the spread interesting and exciting. The way food is garnished also plays a vital role in making food luscious and tempting for the guests.

If you have fixed your buffet party date, start planning so that you can handle small challenges coming your way before it turns into a major pitfall for you.

Following these tips will surely help to plan the party better and make it unforgettable for you as a host and guests, of course, for a delectable spread!


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