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Check Out International Live Food Stations Serving Steaming Hot Delicacies

As soon as winters start knocking at our doors, the Indian Wedding Scene starts warming up. Wedding frenzy begins in its truest sense with preparations going on in full gear. In India, there are two things that make a wedding memorable and remembered for a long time- wedding décor and wedding catering. It is for this reason, hosts leave no stone unturned when it comes to impressing their guests. Couples are increasingly looking at food as an art display. Caterers are also pushing their creative boundaries by coming up with stunning visual and edible displays that naturally becomes an interactive spot towards which guests are seen gravitating towards at weddings.


Here, we focus on live international food stations that can become a perfect spot to have animated conversations while savoring steaming hot delicacies and sampling cool drinks.


Raise a Glass to the coolest mocktails and cocktails

International Live Food Stations

When looking for major wed-spiration, check out a perfect bar station that serves a variety of cocktails, mocktails, fresh juices, besides signature wedding cocktail. The couple can get a cocktail of their choice personalized and served to the guests with a lot of oomph and flair. Creative combos, exciting ingredients, unique garnishes and served in sparkling glasses, these drinks are going to ensure smooth flow of animated conversation among the guests.


Grazing Tables for the perfect casual vibe

International Live Food Stations 2

If you wish effortless mingling between guests, place grazing tables with dips, pieces of bread, raw salads, vegetables, nuts, olives, pickles, dry fruits, bite-sized sandwiches and more to allow for some end-of-reception eats. Guests would love to nibble on these delicacies after working up their appetite at the dance floor.


The Oriental & Italian Connection

International Live Food Stations 3

A wedding feast is incomplete without a few popular and not so popular oriental dishes served to the guests. A live counter with succulent vegetarian and non-vegetarian smoking hot dimsums, pasta, spring rolls, noodles, Manchurian and more freshly whipped is sure to delight your guests who love spicy treats.


The Mexican Touch

International Live Food Stations 4

If the couple is fond of international cuisines and wishes to share their favorite foods with their guests, they can go for a live Mexican food counter that can serve crunchy nachos, tacos, burritos and more with a choice of dips and salsa as accompaniment.


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