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7 Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Caterer before Hiring Them

The food is one of the few aspects of the wedding that you'll spend more money on than anything else. Subsequently, you will want to make sure you hire the best catering service to provide your guests with delectable treats and top-notch quality catering services. Since every catering service provider offers a different set of services, it is of utmost importance to interview the caterers before you hire one.

Wedding Caterer Hiring

So if you are wondering what all questions you must ask, here we are listing down some questions:


  1. What does he suggest for your budget, based on the date, time and style of the wedding?

Caterers mostly charge on a per-person basis. So before finalizing the caterer makes sure you know the number of guests coming to your wedding. This will also help the caterer to give you the right budget. Also, confirm if it’s an all-inclusive fee per head or are costs itemized depending on the foods selected?


  1. Which food/cuisine does the caterer specialize in?

Be sure that the style of food they specialize in fits what you want for your wedding or events. If there is any particular food item special to you or your family members, discuss it with the caterer and ask if they can meet your expectations.


  1. Do they have any other weddings booked for the same weekend & time?

It is vital for the caterers to have a concrete plan for handling all the business they have lined up smoothly for the time of your wedding. Even if they have other bookings, no compromises should be made to your weddings.


  1. Will they provide tables, chairs, flatware, and other food and dining related items?

Most of the caterers often have a selection of linens and dinnerware in a limited range. So if you have any special request, inform the caterer and ask if they can arrange it from the wedding equipment vendor.


  1. Does the caterer provide alcohol or if you can manage the bar separately?

Ask the caterer if they can provide the alcohol you want for your wedding or if you can make any special requests? Some caterers also ask clients to buy alcohol through them. So before you finalize things, make sure you have discussed it with your caterer.


  1. What is the required deposit to hold the date and when can you pay the rest of the bill?

This is another crucial question that you must ask the caterers because the deposit seals the deal. Also, make sure that you sign the contract or receive the receipt with the terms outlined.


  1. Do they have any former clients whom you can call?

Believe it or not but word of mouth is the best way to know about the business’ true dealings. So talking to the former client will help you make the right decision as well as to pick the right caterer.

Remember, your guests might forget the other arrangements but they will never forget the food. And to ensure you serve them with the best delicacies and services, pick the caterer that has enough experience in offering catering services at weddings. To be sure you get the best; you can also contact our team at GetYourMenu who are the top wedding caterers in Delhi/NCR.


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