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10 Rajasthani Wedding Menu that you must include to your Traditional Rajasthani Wedding!

Marriage is an once-in-a-lifetime event and must be celebrated in a royal manner, especially if it is a traditional Rajasthani wedding. In order to make your wedding memorable and delicious experience, make sure you plan a delicious and well-planned wedding menu to make your guests drool over the cuisine.

Here’s we present you the Rajasthani wedding menu to serve your guests with perfect wedding feast:


  1. Dal Baati Churma

Dal Baati Churma is one of the most liked and authentic Rajasthani dishes that you must try to experience the authentic taste of royal land. The dry baati gets served with spicy dal along with sweet churma. It is a perfect delicacy to serve at your Rajasthani wedding this season.

Rajasthani Dishes 1


  1. Ker Sangri

Also widely known as Panchkuta, Ker Sangri is another popular dish from the land of Rajasthan made using Sangri beans and Ker berries. The dish has its roots in the Marwad region, which is a desert area and nothing grows here other than beans and berries.

 Rajasthani Dishes 2


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  1. Shahi Gatte

Another Rajasthani dish loved by not just locals but the people all over India, Shahi Gatte is absolutely the right delicacy to pick for your wedding. The dumplings made of besan dipped in spicy gravy tastes amazing and complements the piping hot phulkas just right. This dish later gets garnished with mawa and dry fruits for rich flavors.

Rajasthani Dishes 3


  1. Papad ki Sabzi

An interesting dish from Rajasthan, Papad ki sabzi is made by using sautéing the fried papads in thick gravy made using tomatoes and curd. Eat it with rice, bajre ki roti, missi roti or paratha; the choice is all yours.

 Rajasthani Dishes 4

  1. Rajasthani Kadhi

It is a known truth that all northern states have their own version of Kadhi. While most recipes contain besan ka pakoras, Rajasthani Kadhi is prepared using pakodas and vegetables. You will love the exotic flavors of spices used in this kadhi such as fenugreek, turmeric, red chilies, heeng, etc. Rajasthani Kadhi can be best eaten with rotis or steamed rice.

  1. Machhli Jaisamandi

A personal favorite of all fish lovers, Machhli Jaisamandi is all you need to serve your guests with rich Rajasthani flavors. The silky creamy texture mixed with spices makes this dish a popular choice among non-vegetarian lovers.

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  1. Bhuna Kukda

Bhuna Kukda is a perfect dish for all chicken lovers and will surely make your guests drool over the taste and the tempting aromas. To make this recipe, a chicken is marinated in Rajasthani spices to make it tender and later sprinkled with coriander leaves.

  1. Banjari Gosht

A lip-smacking Rajasthani dish, Banjari Gosht is a delicacy with royal looks and amazing aromas. Especially if you are a mutton lover, you should definitely try this sumptuous Rajasthani Delicacy.

  1. Safed Maas

As the name suggests, this dish gets prepared using mutton pieces and is one of the most highly-suggested Rajasthani Delicacy. It is a perfect dish to add to your regal wedding menu.

  1. Laal Maas

An exotic delicacy made of red meat, Laal Maas would become the instant favorite of all meat lovers. It is a traditional Rajasthani dish made of red meat and spices like chili and pepper. This dish perfectly complements the rice and you must add it to your wedding menu.

So now that you have a list of perfect Rajasthani dishes to go for, think no furthermore and add these delicacies to your Rajasthani wedding menu.


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