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10 Popular Indian Chaats That You Must Try This Summer

There is no greater feeling than appeasing your appetite with your favorite street food at the very moment you want to savor it. And when it comes to food, chaat definitely tops the list and undoubtedly makes up for the best of the street foods.

A savory snack, Indian chaat culture is quite popular all around the world. It is one such dish that we can have any time, anywhere and in any mood. It uplifts your mood the moment you take the first bite and surely have that irreplaceable space in our lives.

Your guests would also definitely drool over its scrumptious taste and the satisfying range of spices, savory and some sweet used to prepare it!

Here we present you some mouth-watering Indian Chaats from different corners of India that you cannot afford to miss trying:

Agra – Palak Patta Chaat

Fried palak patta served below a scrumptious blend of curd and chutneys are a must try variety from Agra. The beautiful city has a lot in terms of chaats. Palak patta is quite a unique element in the world of chaats.

Source: mygingergarlickitchen

Source: LLB, Circus

Kanpur – Gadbad Chaat

A mixture of different chats and number of elements that adds on to the huge combination of this famous Kanpuri chaat will definitely make you wonder about the things that went on to make the chaat that it is. A flavourful deal will lure your guests like no other.

Source: mygingergarlickitchen

Mumbai- Dahi puri, Sev puri, Bhel, Pav Bhaji

Well, Mumbai apart from its nightlife and glam is also famous for the chaat options that it provides. Right from a chatpati bhelpuri, multi-flavoured pani puris, the pomegranate stuffed dabelis, dahi puri , masala pav, alluring pav bhaji and tikhi sev puri are all the flavors from the very famous ‘’Mumbai Nagariya’’. Make your guest drool over this wide range of chaats and papdis.


Source: whiskaffair & mygingergarlickitchen

Andhra- Idli Manchurian

The least expected regional chaat option usually comes from south. Podi idlis, masala idlis, vegetable seviya and the Manchurian styled idlis and vadas are all the aspects of south Indian chaats. Idli Manchurian being a blend of chinese and south Indain cuisine gives the right blend of taste and flavors to the guests looking for such options.

Source: hebbarskitchen

Delhi- Matar Chaat

Delhi Style Matar Chaat Recipe is very famous street food from Delhi. It is a semi gravy dish made from dried peas cooked along with well combined spicy green gravy. It is usually served by topping up with some chopped raw onions, chopped tomatoes, sev and some chopped coriander leaves. This is then served along with Kulcha or can be eaten as it is. In Delhi it is made in a large brass pot and Kept outside the shop, the curry is kept in the pot and heated in slow flame and served to people. It is a super delicious chaat and must to be tried by the guests.

Source: whiskaffair

Indore- Poha Jalebi

Indori poha jalebi is a unique chaat idea from the menu. Onions in indori poha are not used like the ones in Maharashtrian poha and are added as a topping. The combination of poha with mawa jalebi is a must try to taste the khatta meetha blend of the chaat specialty.

Source: saffronstreaks & whiskaffair

Lucknow- Basket Chaat

This nawabi tokri chaat is a huge potato basket fried and shaped in tokri style and served with a lot of elements added to the tokri. The flavors of this tokri chaat with melt in your mouth and satiate the taste buds like none other. So do let this ethnic Lucknowi dish be a part of your grand celebration.

Source: sooperchef

Punjab – Bhalla papdi

Punjabis just like their hearts are known for the richness that they carry. Bhallas blended with readymade papdis along with the sweet and spicy chutneys and garnished beautifully with dry fruits and coriander are generously loved by the guests.

Source: culinary express

Rajasthan- Raj kachori

Raj Kachori is filled with various flavours. It is crispy from outside and soft from inside with soft pakodis, curd covered aloo bhujiya, namkeen, sweet chutney etc. You can make your guest wonder by serving this for them.

So the next time you have some occasion at your home or maybe it’s just a kitty party that has numerous guests visiting at your place, do try the amazing specialties of India in forms of chatpata and luring chaat. Trying out these chaats will surely satiate your taste buds.


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