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10 Incredibly unique ways to serve ice creams at your weddings that we bet you have NEVER seen!!

If you are looking for one dessert that has to be a part of your wedding menu then it has to be Ice Creams. Ice creams are so refreshing and take you back to your childhood days. It gives us a nostalgic vibe and is perfect for all occasions.

We have seen earlier weddings had a huge spread of dessert sections but only two basic flavours of ice cream. The wedding catering services in Delhi only served the basic chocolate or vanilla and if need be, added a strawberry flavour too. But with changing times and many varieties of options to choose from, the caterers in Delhi started serving many new and interesting flavours of ice creams. Not only that they also booked the branded ice cream parlour to serve their famous ice cream flavours in weddings. But now the vibe has changed and how. Instead of just serving ice creams on cups or cones, they have started using a very unique way of presenting ice cream- one which we could have not thought about. Hats off to the wedding caterers in Delhi for these unique and fun ideas.

Summer weddings definitely call for a big scoop of ice cream but what about winter weddings? We are sure you will enjoy your ice creams during winters too as much as you enjoy it during summers. We have a fusion ice cream waiting for you that you will definitely think of serving during winters.

Before beginning with how to serve your ice creams , let us share with you some new ice cream flavours that the wedding caterers in Delhi highly recommend. Gone are the days for those only one flavour, boring basic flavours. These flavours will blow your mind and we are sure you are going to stock up your refrigerator with them. The flavours you must try are cotton candy, black sesame ice cream, peppermint ice cream, sugar cookie ice cream, mint ice cream, green apple ice cream, mocha ice cream, sitaphal ice cream, beetroot goat cheese ice cream etc. 

We are sure you must be intrigued about what are these unique ideas of serving ice creams in a wedding. Well, we must warn you to watch these at your own risk, especially if you guys are on a diet because we are sure you will surely melt down. So, get scrolling!! 


Ice cream with fruits

Scoop out your favourite ice cream and serve it in a bowl with the same flavour fruit or any other fruit that goes well with it. This ice cream presentation looks so delicious and trust us one will not be able to resist it. 


Ice cream sandwich 

Why not serve you ice cream in the same iconic ice cream sandwich way, like we have had in many ice cream parlours or from the roadside ice cream vendors. 


Ice cream with Churros 

Churros are love and goes well with melted chocolate but ever thought of combining it with ice cream. Trust us it tastes delicious.!!! 


Ice cream Buns 

I am sure you must have had burgers right! But replacing the tikki with a scoop of ice cream is an interesting choice. Drizzle some chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinklers to enjoy it better 


Ice Cream Waffles 

Waffles are everyone’s favourite and usually they are served with chocolate or melted nutella. We recommend you try it with a scoop of your favorite ice cream and enjoy this deliciousness 


Cocktail Popsicles 

Can't dance without a drink! No worry, we bring you the most innovative way of introducing your ice cream and serving it with alcohol. Cocktail popsicles are lit.


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Prosecco Popsicles 

Ditch the classic ice cream and opt for prosecco popsicles instead. This brings out one of the best childhood memories of eating ice cream. 


Fruit Bowls 

Want to make an impression, then serve your ice cream on an empty or hollow fruit shell. Your guests will immediately fall in love with these ideas. 



This is a very popular carrot pudding and is mostly served in Indian weddings. Serve your ice cream with gajrela cups with nuts sprinkle on top. 


Baked Alaska 

Baked Alaska, is a popular dessert consisting of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue. It is beautiful, elegant and dramatic.

Tell us which way you are going to serve ice creams at your wedding in the comments below.


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