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10 delicious and fun food items to include in your at home kids birthday parties!

Hosting a kid’s birthday party in any normal world was not easy but hosting it during lockdowns and tough protocols is a serious job. While we understand the gravity of the situation, we also understand a kids birthday party means so much to a child. Being a responsible parent and seeing the current scenario, hosting a birthday party in a lavish restaurant or in a paty hall is not the right choice now. With Covid-19 infections still raging on, a low-key birthday party at home with just a few select friends and family members is the best way to go forward.

While lockdowns have been hard on people but the most affected ones are the kids. The schools have been shut for more than a year now and they have not been able to meet their friends, so arranging a cute birthday party with limited guests is a great idea to cheer them up. A birthday party is a great way to lift the mood and make your kid feel special and loved. It’s a simple way of letting them know that everything will be fine soon.

Before getting to the birthday party menu and food items, we really need to take care of the sanitation and hygiene. As there are kids involved parents have to be extra careful when it comes to throwing a birthday party at home. One really needs to make sure that kids do not carry any symptoms, they always wear masks even indoors, hand sanitization should be mandatory, frequent hand-washing before, during and after the event etc. Planning a birthday party with all these precautionary measures can be difficult but one can make it fun by using them in your games.

Once we are down with the sanitisation part, now it's time to decide what to serve them. As you will not be hiring any birthday caterer you must choose dishes which are quick, easy and the kids love. We know it is difficult to choose what to serve as every kid has his/her personal favourite food but we have some amazing food ideas for you to serve your cute lil munchkins which they will never say “ NO”. Scroll down to unlock these lil surprises.


Mini Sandwiches or Toasts

Kids love sandwiches and toasts and it is super easy to make and serve. You can prepare the slices beforehand and grill them and serve. You can serve different types of sandwiches like cheese sandwich, nutella sandwich, corn and spinach sandwich or vegetable sandwich. You can also make cute toasts with some fruit toppings.


Crinkle Fries & Smileys

We don't know what it is but everyone loves fries. You can never go wrong with fries and smileys. It is super easy to make and does not require much effort. Just serve it with some amazing dips and you are good to go.



Popcorn is always fun to eat. It hardly takes 2 minutes to make. It is healthy and super yummy. You can serve them with different flavors like salty, butter, cheese or caramel.


Mini Burgers

Burgers are my personal favorite! It is a wholesome meal. It fills you up and is super delicious.


Slushy Fruit Salad

A fresh fruit salad can take some time to prepare and needs last-minute assembly. That's why I often rely on this make-ahead frozen fruit salad when entertaining a crowd. It looks delicious and the kids will definitely choose this over fresh fruit counter. In this way we can make them eat healthy items without them knowing.


Mac & Cheese Cups

The all time favourite meal for the kids is mac & cheese. It is super yummy and delicious.


Banana Pops

This is a fun and interesting concept which we are sure that your kids will love. You dip the banana either in yogurt or nutella and top it off with sprinkles and cereals.


Nachos Chat

Nachos with some healthy chickpeas, onions, tomatoes, dips, boiled potatoes will be an interesting choice for your kids.


Noodle Bowl

A great wholesome meal to serve is a noodle bowl which is super healthy. It is served with noodles, grilled vegetables and gravy of your choice.


Dessert Bar

Kids party is incomplete without a dessert counter. You can make a dessert cum candy counter with brownies, macaroons, ice cream sandwiches etc.

So, hope this menu can help you out to plan your kids birthday party menu. If you are looking for a customised kids birthday party menu then book us to serve you with deliciousness.


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