Fantastic Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties at Home

Is your child’s birthday around the corner? Are you planning to throw a birthday party but have no idea how to go about it? Well, to make your child’s birthday party a memorable one, you need to come up with a fun menu. Everyone throws a party with cakes, desserts and ice creams. How about serving your guests with sumptuous delicacies that they’ll ask their parents to have the dishes on their birthday menu as well?


Here we are suggesting some fun party foods that kids would love: 


Bhel Puri 

Very easy and quick to make, Indian bhel puri is a dish loved by all no matter what age group they belong to. Just prepare the mixture in advance and finely chopped the vegetables to prepare the spicy chaat. Serve it to the kids and see the magic!

Food Ideas Kids Birthday Parties 1


Mini Sandwiches 

Instead of going for those large size sandwiches, go for these mini sandwiches which are easy to grab by the tiny hands of kids. Fill them with cheese and kids will surely love the treat.

Food Ideas Kids Birthday Parties 2


Fruit Salad 

What could be better than serving your guests with a bowl of good health in the form of fruit salad? It is an ideal food to have at your kids’ birthday party. Serve it with the fresh cream topping and let kids enjoy the nutritious snack.

Food Ideas Kids Birthday Parties 3


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Mini Fried Idlis

Fried idlis are truly delighting and a healthy option to have on the birthday menu. Light on the stomach, Idlis are a perfect replacement of those fast food options that are not just unhealthy but can affect your kids’ health.

Food Ideas Kids Birthday Parties 4


Mini Aloo Tikkis

This is another tasteful snack that kids love. All you need to do is to boil some potatoes, mash them and make small patties. Shallow fry them using a frying pan. Put some red sauce and chutneys and add a dash of coriander and onions before serving them.

Food Ideas Kids Birthday Parties 5


Mini Samosas

It’s a hot favorite option among kids. Just get the mini samosas in smaller sizes that never fail to attract kids. Just keep the masalas in a decent amount as per the taste of the kids and use filling with corn and cheese. This delicious Indian snack is the best option for your birthday party.

Food Ideas Kids Birthday Parties 6


Pav Bhaji 

Children love this Indian food item. All you need is a seasonal vegetable to prepare the bhaji and serve it with hot pavs. It is the most popular choice of food. The best thing about this delicacy is that you can make it as much nutritious you want by adding more veggies.