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Wow your guest with these 5 trendy Appetizer Ideas for Parties

You are having a big party soon and planning for the catering is a big challenge. You want the appetizers you have to be trendy while being delicious, but there are so many options to choose from. If you want to impress your guests with some new and modern hors d'oeuvres, this list of 5 trendy appetizer ideas for parties should be of huge help.

These recipes are lowkey and simple, which you or your caterer should be able to whip up in no time while being delectable and jaw-dropping.


Tomato and mozzarella tartlets

If you have a taste for Italian cuisine and are a fan of a good Caprese salad, you should definitely include this dish in your appetizer list. These are mini tarts filled with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella and any other Italian ingredients of your choosing. This is a simple dish to whip up and will carry your attendees along the Sarno while their mouths are tantalized with the delightful Italian snack. You can add other toppings like mushrooms, olives, or peppers.


Deep-fried zucchini balls

If you are a big texture eater and love fried food, deep-fried zucchini balls are a good choice. You can make these with zucchini and any other vegetables together. Just form your vegetables in a flour batter and then deep fry them to heaven. This snack is a great dichotomy of being healthy while also being fried. The texture contrast of the fried crust and smooth and supple vegetable mix on the inside is a win. Be sure to remember to serve an appropriate fry sauce with this dish, a blend of mayo, ketchup, mustard, and some seasoning can make for a great accompaniment.


Crispy ravioli

Everyone loves a good pasta dish, but having it for a main after a raging party can be a little too much. To not make your friends feel weighed down, you can cook up some pasta appetizers. Ravioli is a great dish to whip up and something that can be well-prepped in advance. You can stuff your ravioli with a filling of your choosing, but we believe a good smooth pumpkin filling with cheese goes great with this preparation method. After stuffing your ravioli, if you want them to give them an edge, you can shallow fry them in a pan to give them a crispy edge, which will make them delectable finger food.


Egg ham and cheese rolls

A simple and quick snack to prepare for a lowkey event is the egg ham and cheese rollup. It is amazingly simple to prepare, a seasoned omelet filled with ham slices and cheese. You can also omit the ham for vegetarians. The real kicker is to cut up your omelet and then roll them into small rolls to make them more handheld. When seasoned well this can be a nice light snack to get their pallets going.

Stuffed mushroom


Another party favorite is stuffing some nice button mushrooms with a filling of your choosing. Emptying out the button mushroom and then filling that cavity with either vegetable, meat, or just cheese filling and then breading and frying them, gives this dish a nice crunch and gooey contrast that will astound your guests. 

It’s a challenge when you want to have the most trendy appetizers for your next event, but any dish from our list will be a sure hit for any party that you are planning on throwing. Be sure to have some nice refreshing drinks to go along with these amazing dishes.

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