#WeddingMenuAlert- Top 30 Food Items that will keep your guests hooked at your D-day

Weddings are indeed special not just for a bride or groom but for everyone who becomes a part of it. But what do you think makes the wedding celebration a successful affair? Is it the arrangement, décor or the venue location? Well, for us it is the food that decides the success of any event. After all who wouldn’t want their guests to drool over the lip-smacking delicacies that you are presenting them with.  So if your wedding or any other celebration is just around the corner, we have some amazing choice of food that you can consider serving to your guests this wedding season.


Keep scrolling as the amazing wedding menu awaits you:

Mini Canapes to let your guests grab some quick bites

Wedding Menu Alert 1


Tangri kebab served in Kulhad for smoky feels

Wedding Menu Alert 2


Choco balls to give your guests with some dose of sweetness

Wedding Menu Alert 3


Thai Spicy Chicken-Prawns Balls Canapé

Wedding Menu Alert 4


Mini Tacos filled spicy vegies or chicken of your choice

Wedding Menu Alert 5


Serve biryani in matkasto keep the authentic flavors intact

Wedding Menu Alert 6


You just can’t miss to have GolGappa Shots on your menu!

Wedding Menu Alert 7


Let your guests enjoy the shots filled with potli samosa

Wedding Menu Alert 8


Custard shots that never fail to grab your guests attention

Wedding Menu Alert 9


Mini fish and chip cones

Wedding Menu Alert 10


Who would say no to such tempting GulaabJamun Shots?

Wedding Menu Alert 11


Indian canapes to let your friends’ enjoy Indian flavors

Wedding Menu Alert 12


Mixed canapes in multiple flavors

Wedding Menu Alert 13


Chocolate dipped strawberries

Wedding Menu Alert 14


Serve Chaat in Wine glasses for convenient feels