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Wedding Caterers in Delhi Share Delectable Egg Dishes You Must Have In Your Wedding Menu

Are you not excited to know what's on the wedding menu when you are going to attend one?

Ofcourse! We all are. TBH, that's the only thing running on our mind. We love everything about a good wedding- the decor, music, dance, outfits but wedding food without a doubt tops the chart. The wedding menu has a spread of some of the most unique dishes we have ever heard of and that is the reason why we want to try as many as possible. But not everyone can enjoy every dish.

Vegetarians have options like paneer, chaap, mixed vegetables, mushrooms and what not, and do we really need to talk about the lucky non-vegetarians. They can eat everything and anything. They can enjoy a good vegetarian platter and dig into those juicy meat starters as well. So, everything is well planned to meet the expectations of both sides but have you ever thought about the eggetarians? Well, not many think about it while customizing their menu as not many wedding caterers in Delhi had options for them earlier. With changing times and food preferences, the wedding caterers in Delhi  have started providing some amazing and OTB egg dishes for eggetarian to equally enjoy a wedding.

We have so many fusion foods these days made by wedding caterers in Delhi to make sure everyone enjoys a good wedding meal. We spoke to the top wedding caterers in Gurgaon and Delhi to share their special egg recipes that would be perfect for a wedding menu.

So, hold your horses! We bring you some of the best and unique egg dishes which we are sure you have never heard of and would really really enjoy.


Stuffed Fried Deviled Eggs

Do not go by its name, this is the most amazing egg dish you are going to enjoy in your starters menu. This dish also goes by the name of buffalo fried deviled eggs. We used to think Deviled Eggs were perfect... and then we deep fried them, and now they're even better and tastier. You fill it with a yolk and cream mixture and it's ready to serve. This recipe is on every wedding caterer starter’s list for eggetarians.


Baked Eggs with Creamy Greens

We all enjoy a good omelette but this dish is beyond a regular omelette. This dish is prepared with three different types of leafy vegetables, mushrooms and cream. Blended together with an egg and baked to perfection.


Omelette Curry

Want to give a twist to your regular old fashioned egg curry, the best wedding caterers in Delhi bring you this unique dish called omelette curry. This thick-gravy egg preparation includes chunks of masala omelette soaked in hot and spicy onion-tomato gravy that can be served with Parathas, Phulkas or steamed Rice. It pairs up perfectly with Biryanis.


Sardou Style Eggs

Eggs Sardou was created in the 19th century at Antoine's, in the French Quarter. It's made by topping creamed spinach with artichoke hearts warmed in butter, along with a couple of poached eggs and some Hollandaise sauce. Think of it as eggs Benedict's greener-but-just-as-rich cousin.


Chettinad Egg Biryani

Why only have veg biryani or mutton biryani at a wedding? The wedding caterers have introduced a new biryani called the Chettinad Egg Biryani. It incorporates flavorful, seasoned rice with well seasoned boiled eggs and chettinad masala. Chettinad Masala which is a hot and spicy blend of Mace , Star anise, Cinnamon, peppercorns, cardamom, cloves and cumin seeds.


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Egg Crescents

Who wouldn't want a hearty savory dish loaded with bacon, eggs and cheese. This lovely dish is very easy to make and is super delish. Simply bake breakfast sausage, eggs, and cheddar cheese with the crescents and enjoy your dish.


Devil Chops AKA Dimer Chops

It is a favorite of all the egg lovers at a Bengali wedding. Devil chop or as Bengali call it Dimer Chop is nothing but a modified version of deviled eggs where whole hard-boiled egg is not only stuffed with a spicy mixture but is rolled in a flavorful batter, coated with masalas, breadcrumbs and then deep fried till it gets a crisp golden exterior.


Egg Vindaloo

On a Goan sojourn! Boiled eggs in a spicy Goan gravy; this super delicious egg curry is tangy, spicy and slightly sweet that is polished off with some hot rice. The flavours of the curry are truly lip smacking delicious!


Egg Crepes with Sausages

Holy crepe! This Easy Egg Sausage Crepes recipe is a popular French dish and is beyond delicious! It is a delicious non-veg recipe which is prepared with ingredients like chicken, egg, onion, low-fat cream, sour cream, egg whites, low-fat milk and parsley.


Egg Burrito

The egg burrito is amazingly delish. This is a light snack for a wedding lunch and is very very popular.

Hope you like the egg dishes served by the best caterers in Delhi in their guests' weddings. We will be sharing more dishes and trends like this. Stay tuned for more such inspo.


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