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We spotted some unique & scrumptious Birthday Catering Ideas for Kids!

Wondering what to serve at your kid’s birthday bash? We’re here to help you decide! Catering your kid’s birthday party might get very confusing. You have to pay attention to a lot of things like their food preferences, nutrition values, likes, dislikes and of course the food presentation. It’s natural for you to want the party to be a huge success with loads of fun, frolic, and excitement. Kids get very fussy about food and it is important to feed them right. Now we all know how difficult it can get.

Though this task of throwing a fantastic birthday party can seem tedious to some parents, coming up with creative ideas and executing them can be fun. Trying out some new birthday catering ideas for kids can be exciting for parents too as it gives them a chance to be creative. Right from yummy cupcakes to delicious burgers, amazing drinks to beautiful cakes, we will present you with unique birthday catering ideas for your kids to munch on.

Apart from the menu it is also important to keep in mind that the food that is being served should have all the nutrients and no food should be wasted. We have come up with mini and bite sized appetizers that can win the hearts of your little guests. .So stop stressing over it. We have some amazing kid’s birthday party food ideas that will help to put together a bash that is spectacular and unforgettable!

Here are some adorable birthday catering ideas that the kids are sure to gobble up.


Hot Air Balloon Cake

How can you have a birthday party without a birthday cake? There are so many designer cakes out there in the market. From princess cake to batman cake, we have seen it all. We love this unique design of hot air balloon cake. It is so unique and the colors are just so refreshing.

birthday catering ideas 1

Image Courtesy: Kara Party Ideas


PS: We simply love the cake topper. It’s ADORBS!


Who doesn’t love DONUTS?

It is rightly quoted that “Everything's better with donuts”. Kids love donuts as well as adults. We have come up with this unique way of presenting donuts. Stack your favorite donuts and build it into a donut tower. We love how beautifully all pastel colored donuts are placed with little flowers and berries.

birthday catering ideas 2

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


AWW! So cute Pig Buns

Burgers, Naah so boring! Kids love to munch on burgers. But we have seen the same concept everywhere. Want to try your hands on something more exciting. Try Pig Buns. They are unique, super cute and delicious to snack on. Trust us , your kids will go GA –GA over it.

birthday catering ideas 3

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Grandma Candy Popcorns

Popcorns are a hit among kids. They love to munch on it and it is super healthy too. We have a variety of flavors in popcorn – classic, butter, cheese, caramel etc . But nothing beats your grandma candy popcorn. These are tasty treats and so beautiful to look at. The taste is similar to kettle corn, but sweeter. What we love most about this popcorn is the fusion of colors.

birthday catering ideas 4

Image Courtesy: The Recipe Rebel


Tiara Sandwiches

Kids friendly and quick to make, sandwiches are super delicious meal prep for any party. It is healthy as well as yummy. You can make any sandwich as you like or as your kid likes but give it an interesting twist by cutting its corners into a princess tiara or a crown. You may also use a cookie cutter to craft the shape and present it to your little munchkins.

birthday catering ideas 5

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Yummy Cakesicles

Yes you heard it right! It’s not popsicles, its Cakesicles. You must be wondering what Cakesicles? Cakesicles are a fun twist on a traditional cake pop. It is a blend of cake and frosting carefully crafted on popsicles molds. We love these beautiful personalized cakesicles.  Perfect treat for a perfect party.

Image Courtesy: Kara Party Ideas


PS: Our personal favorite is the cute elephant? Which one is yours, tell us in the comment section below.


Jurassic Park Dinosaur Eggs

We see kids love to eat eggs and people have been experimental in presenting egg and egg dishes. But no one thought about these amazing ideas of presenting simple boil eggs with a twist. Just use some food colors and dip your eggs. It would make an interesting theme as well.

Image Courtesy: Kara Party Ideas


Cup cake tower

The perfect dessert to go with is the Cup Cakes. Everyone loves cupcakes. You can present it by placing them on an acrylic stand and decorating it with fresh flowers and green leaves. Does it not look like a cupcake garden to you? We absolutely love this idea.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Mini Emoji Pizza

Pizza is the only love triangle we ever want. One cannot keep calm if there is pizza on the menu. But we have come up with a new idea to present your pizza in style. Place the topping on your pizza like a famous whatsapp emoji. Your kids would go crazy with your creativity.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Sprinkled Shamrock Shake

We have come up with a twist to the classic shamrock shake. The shamrock shake is a popular drink served at McDonald’s, US. It is a super easy, affordable and delicious milkshake and we love how the drink looks more delish with these sprinklers and candies on top.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


Hope this fun and creative birthday catering idea for kids will help to tantalize the taste buds of your children.


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