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#Updated: 10 Scrumptious & Unique Pan Asian Food Ideas for Weddings by Wedding Caterers In Delhi!

When we are always getting married in a quirky manner, why not make our wedding catering menu thoda “HATKE”!Just like the rituals and traditions have seen enormous progress, the wedding menu is getting a facelift too! And who doesn’t love Satay or Pad Thai?

Pan-Asia encompasses special dishes of different nationalities and cultures all over the Asian continent. It can include a wide variety of dishes from all over the continent; Chinese, Korean, South Indian, Vietnamese, Mongolian and Japanese specialities among others. Pan-Asian cuisine has an extensive variety of options of which most include superfoods. It is a lot at once; spicy, sweet, hot, sour, tangy and savory flavors creating magic in your mouth. This cuisine can range from a simple dish of noodles and meat to a complex meal that includes noodles, meat, vegetables, soups, and desserts.

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The cuisine emphasizes on the use of fresh ingredients rather than processed ones, and the methods of cooking adopted such as grilling, steaming, stewing, fermenting and more, ensure that the flavor and nutrition value of the food are retained. Authentic pan-Asian food is one of the healthiest cuisines available today. Don’t forget to ask your wedding caterers in Delhi, NCR region to give you a sampling of some scrumptious Asian dishes before finalizing the menu. 

With a mix of cultures, items and flavors, Pan-Asian Cuisine offers the opportunity to try great new things and experience an adventurous experience. It is sure to tingle the taste buds of your guests and leave them wanting more.

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For those who want to adventure outside their usual comfort zones, Pan-Asian catering menus allow you and your guests to broaden your culinary horizons far beyond the usual and expected. 

So we thought of listing out the top 10 pan Asian foods that will make a great addition to your wedding menu. If you are in the process of planning your dream wedding, give us a call to find out how we can amalgamate pan Asian flavors into your wedding menu. For all the others, bookmark this page for future reference! 

Pad Thai Noodles


Korean Fried Chicken


Butter Garlic Shrimp






Bao Buns


Chicken & Leek Yakitori



Crispy Lamb Wontons





Adding Asian foods to your wedding menu is a sure way to make a memorable occasion. Comfortable and handy size, these food items will add a dash of exoticness to your wedding catering menu. You can choose the dishes according to your wedding season and theme. Most of these dishes are must-have for your wedding catering menu in Delhi, which you cannot ignore for sure! It's a simple and affordable way to infuse lots of flavor into your meal choices, and is sure to add a lot of wow factor to your wedding. 

Considering the changing times, GetYourMenu, the most sought out wedding caterers in Delhi, NCR, can work with you in designing a menu that is both unique, and exciting for the guests. For more information, call us at +919319609444 or drop your question here. Let us help you plan a tasty wedding menu at affordable prices!


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