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Unique Food Trends to Go for This Wedding Season 2020

A wedding without a functional food is an absolute waste. And we are pretty sure nobody wants to end up with a lousy wedding catering experience. So if you are planning a wedding, you must pay keen attention to the food and make sure you inculcate food trends that amaze your guests and help you serve them in style.

So, if you are looking for wedding food trends 2020, here we bring you some fantastic ideas to consider for your wedding this season: 


Wedding Food Trends 2020: Platters 

Well, this is not something you often come across in weddings. Platters being favorite choice for most of the individuals make for the perfect choice to add to your wedding menu. It will also allow your guests to enjoy dishes in a considerable portion without wasting. Isn’t that amazing? 

Food Trends Wedding Season 2020: Platters 1

Food Trends Wedding Season 2020: Platters 2

Food Trends Wedding Season 2020: Platters 3

Food Trends Wedding Season 2020: Platters 4

Food Trends Wedding Season 2020: Platters 5

Wedding Food Trends 2020: Edible cutlery 

Since the world is already facing environmental problems like global warming, let’s try to be a responsible citizen and replace those plastic plates and glasses with edible cutlery. Set a good example and go for edible knives, forks and spoons.


Wedding Food Trends 2020: Mini Bites 

Another lip-smacking and appealing food trend to consider this wedding season, mini bites is all that you need to make everyone grab some quick snacks. There are plenty of things that you can include in this section which include mini pizzas, burgers, macarons, doughnuts, etc. 

Wedding Food Trends 2020: Dessert Counter 

As this is the most sought-after counter in weddings, make sure you make it as much appealing as you can. Put a variety of desserts at a single section uniquely and attractively so that your guests get to enjoy their favorite sweets in one place. 



Wedding Food Trends 2020: DIY Drink Station

Setting up a DIY drink station is another exciting way to let your guests be as creative as they can. Though you can assign someone to help your guests preparing their drinks, it is always best to make your guests try out different concoctions and to let them try something new. 

Wedding Food Trends 2020: Food as wedding favours 

Believe us or not, but there is no better way to woo your guests than to surprise them by giving food as wedding favours. You can consider giving snacks or some rich chocolates or cookies in a nice mini box which they can later use to keep their essentials like jewelry or keys. It will truly impress your guests and would make you the best host already. 


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