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#Trending: Food Counter Ideas to Add 90s Nostalgia to Your Wedding Celebrations

If you have been searching for an exciting wedding menu to serve your guests with something special, then you have come to the right place. Our team at GetYourMenu keeps coming up with ideas and tips to ensure you have a perfecting catering experience at your wedding. Today, we have come up with another exciting catering idea to take all your guests to the 90s. So, be ready for some nostalgia as here we bring you some fantastic food counters idea to take you back to the 90s.


Paan Counters

While paan counters are something that never goes out of fashion, now you can make it even more exciting and trendy by having chocolate pan flavors, ice paans, fire paans, etc. You can also add mukhwas and other candies from the 90s.

Paan flavored muffins and doughnuts are other interesting options to consider for your wedding menu.

Food Counters 90s Nostalgia 1


Gola/Chuski Counter

Gone are the days when you used to serve your guests with ice creams and kulfi sticks. Now is the time to offer your guests the feast from the 90s. Go for Gola and Chuski counter and let your guests enjoy their favorite flavors like Kala khatta and rainbow.

Food Counters 90s Nostalgia 2


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Chana Zor Garam

A perfect snack to serve your guests this winter, Chana Zor Garam is a clear winner if you wish to add some nostalgia from the 90s to your celebrations. Sprinkle some spices and serve it in cones. Your guests would surely drool over this fun snack.

Food Counters 90s Nostalgia 3


Lassi Counter

Lassi is everyone’s favorite and undoubtedly the most cherished beverage among the 90s kids. Why not make it a little more interesting with flavors like Mango lassi, strawberry lassi, rose lassi, etc. Serve it in the shot glasses to add a fun vibe to your celebration.

Food Counters 90s Nostalgia 4


Sugarcane Juice Counter

Do you remember the time you used to run towards the juice shop to have your favorite sugarcane juice? Well, this summer relive those moments and enjoy your favorite beverage again and treat your guests with refreshing sugarcane juice.

Food Counters 90s Nostalgia 5


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Bhutta Counter

No matter if you are planning a monsoon wedding or winter wedding, this counter will win hearts! Yes, after all, who wouldn’t like to have some corn bites in the cozy winter evenings? So, this winter season, surprise your guests with bhutta counter and become the best host of the town.

Food Counters 90s Nostalgia 6


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