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Top Wedding Food Trends Going Strong in 2019

Indian weddings mean non-stop fun, excitement, joy and laughter and a chance to enjoy finger-licking delicacies. Most often than not, guests are more interested in rushing to the buffet counters to fill up their plates, rather than stand in long queues to wish and bless the couple. It is for this reason; most event planners strive hard to come up with the latest food trends and ensure tonnes of accolated and appreciation coming their way. It is interesting to find gastronomic delights overshadowing expensive décor and designer couture of the couple.

Here, we bring you some of the top food trends that are making rounds in a typical Big Fat Indian Wedding and getting raving reviews from culinary connoisseurs.

Macaroons Pops

Enjoy the mouth-melting taste of lovingly crafted and stylishly presented macaroons in amazing flavours.

Scrumptious Foodon a Stick

Satisfy your cravings for scrumptious food on a stick served to you in a stylishly! Presented interestingly, these food appeal the palate of all age-groups.

Served in on Spoons

If you find something that is new and different and you would like to give it a try….what better way to just pick up the spoon and gobble the delicacy! You will find a lot of foods, right from chats and chutneys to ice creams and salads served in a spoon waiting for you to pick it up and relish its amazing taste and flavour.

Seek Comfort in Comfort Foods

If you feel satiated only when you are able to dip your fingers into comfort foods of your choice, this trend is undoubtedly going to appeal to your gastronomic senses. Simple foods presented in an appealing and attractive style will help you enjoy your favourite food, like soup served with speared cheese points.

Cocktail Ice Spheres

How would you feel sucking on your desired cocktails and Martinis instead of sipping it? Cocktail ice spheres are ruling the roost with its attractive looking, vibrantly coloured, diverse range of cocktails served as ice spheres. It looks and feels cool!

Food in the air

Just like love in the air, this trend comes up with food choices suspended in air. Just pluck it off and savour the food delights melting in your mouth.

Pop!!! And there goes the pie

Finger foods like pies and paneerserved as a lollipop is attractive, exciting and convenient to savour!

Smoky Delights of Nitrogen Ice-cream bar with hot popcorn

Enjoy the eclectic blend of caramel popcorns served stylishly with nitrogen ice-cream giving you the best of extreme delights.

Sushi Bites

If you are already holding a glass of cocktail in your hand, just complement it with a bite of sushi interestingly laid over at a sushi station. Enjoy a bite of the rich taste of sushi without worrying about spilling your drink.

Cool Sorbet in Stylish Glassware

Must for every summer event…will keep you cool and content! Earthen pots or matkas enhances the cool factor of sweet sorbets.

Cute waffle cups with creamy and fruity delights

Enjoy the drool-worthy palate of strawberry cream nestled daintily in a cute waffle cup!

A Lovely Ensemble of Ice-creams

Enjoy the divine, melting taste of your favourite flavoured ice-cream stylishly served to you. Served as a bouquet of flowers, the sight of this must-have sweet dessert is something to behold

Mini Canapes Topped With Hummus

If not too hungry, enjoy the mixed sweet and savoury taste of lime and beetroot hummus on crackling pita crackers!

Miniature Food Servings

Enjoy the delectable taste of lovingly prepared mini food delicacies like mini burgers, dosas, salad servings, desserts and more on a leaf platter. Enjoy the mouth-melting taste of exotic cuisines garnished with interesting toppings

Ice-Ice Baby

Keep cool and comfy, sucking on perfectly packed ice cubes with fresh flowers! Fantastic way to stay refreshed!

Pizza in a Cone-wrap

Now, you can enjoy the glorious taste of dripping cheese-topped pizza without making it messy. Yum!

Naan Pizza

Don’t let anything come between you and your love for pizza with naan pizza served with delicious and delectable toppings.

Refreshing Cool Drinks

Beat the summer heat with cool, refreshing drinks, beautifully garnished and topped with cherries, strawberries and citrus rings!

Get High on Sweet Salubrious Drinks

If you are not an alcohol person, no worries! You can still get high on sweet drinks made with non-alcoholic concoctions.

Enjoy Ice Lollies

Enjoy fun and amazing flavours of ice lollies and popsicles that seems to melt in your mouth!

Twist in Tacos

Enjoy interesting and tasty tacos with a cool drink! Different fillings rendering different taste and flavours!

Enjoy the mouth-watering taste of glass shots

Sip on tempting flavoured sweet, tangy and savoury drinks and shakes served as glass shots, leaving you asking for more.

Mini Foods served in Mini Bowls

Now, you can enjoy the taste of a new dish without filling your plate by trying it out first in a mini bowl. Creamy, flavoury and interesting food choices served in style!

Milk and Cookies

You would have never given a second thought to simple combo of milk with cookies, but served with panache, it becomes tempting than ever!

Make your weddings spectacular with food dishes served and presented stylishly and impeccably by getyourmenu.in. For more such ideas keep following us and like share and comment.


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