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Top Indian chefs who have carved a niche in the Culinary Industry

One cannot deny his love for food and enjoying an amazing culinary experience once in a while. Indian Chefs have been ruling global Culinary Industry with their amazing preparations that leave people asking for more. The choice of ingredients, the unique preparation style, the impressive presentation and the moth-melting taste of amazing cuisines painstakingly prepared by them has put them on the global culinary map. Here, we introduce you to the top Indian Chefs who are known for their amazing culinary skills all over the world.


Vikas Khanna

Vikas Khanna has been making waves in the culinary industry as one of the hottest-looking chefs who knows his craft well. Currently based in the New York City, Vikas enjoys immense love of the people who have tasted his lip-smacking delicacies. He is also a well-known cookbook writer, restaurateur, judge of famous shows like MasterChef and a humanitarian. He has worked with some of the top hotels in the world and has left an undeniable print with his exotic cuisines.

Indian chefs Vikas Khanna


Sanjeev Kapoor

He is also referred to as the Magician Chef who brings magic with his method recipes. He started his journey to become one of the most liked and appreciated Indian Chef in the year 1984. After working in some of the top echelon hotels, he opened his own chain of restaurants. He also started a food channel which is aptly names as “Food Food.” His popularity and acclaim can be understood by the fact that he was conferred with Padma Shri, the 4th highest Indian National honour.

Indian chefs Sanjeev Kapoor


Ranveer Brar

One of the youngest star chefs, Ranveer Brar started his culinary journey at an age of 25. His craft has put him among the top chefs in the world. He acted as a judge in several food-related shows including MasterChef India. His sea food restaurant, “Morisco”, Italian Restaurant, “ilCamino”, and a barbeque eater, “Fishtail” has helped spread his popularity far and wide. He has received recognition from the James Beard Foundation for its tremendous contribution to the industry.

Indian chefs Ranveer Brar


Madhur Jaffrey

The list of Indian chefs who have shone like stars is incomplete without mentioning the name of the Lady chef, Madhur Jaffrey. She has been a travel and food writer, Indian-born actress, and a television personality before she became well known as one of the best chefs India has produced. Her dozens of cookbooks and television programs made her famous. “Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking”, a BBC Series made her a household name in England.

Indian chefs Madhur Jaffrey


Tarla Dalal

Her infectious smile and easy to cook recipes made her famous all across India. She has penned a lot of cookbooks where she has helped novice cooks learn the art of cooking. Her famous show “Cooking up with Tarla Dalal” also catapulted her into the culinary world getting instantly recognized and critically acclaimed.

Indian chefs Tarla Dalal

The list of Indian chefs who have made the country proud is endless. They have immensely contributed to the Culinary world with contemporary, unbelievable fusion, and simple style of cooking skills.


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