Top 8 Chicken Dishes for Your Wedding Menu

If you are a chicken lover and never miss a chance to drool over the exotic chicken dishes, this is the right place for you. It is also one of the most sought-after dishes among non-vegetarians at weddings. Before you finalize your wedding menu, here are some exotic and lip-smacking chicken dishes that you can add to your wedding menu:


Murg Malaiwala 

The best meal to include in your wedding, Murg Malaiwala, is made using chicken drumsticks. This mouth-watering recipe is prepared using fresh cream, milk, saffron, spices, and rose petals. Make sure you garnish it with freshly cut almonds to add another exotic flavor to it.

Chicken Dishes Wedding Menu 1


Spicy Kadhai Chicken

Sweet, tasty, and sour, this is another new delicacy that you can add to your wedding menu. The mesmerizing flavors of red bell peppers, jaggery, tamarind, lemon, and spices, this delicacy would leave your guests amazed by its taste.

Chicken Dishes Wedding Menu 2


Butter Chicken

Straight from the kitchen of Punjab, Butter Chicken has been the most preferred dish among meat lovers all these years. In this recipe, the chicken gets marinated first and then cooked in tomato puree, spices, cream, and masalas.

Chicken Dishes Wedding Menu 3


Chicken Dum Biryani 

A sumptuous chicken delicacy, this biryani gets cooked with precision and is a dish popular from the Mughal times. Cooked in Handi, the chicken dum biryani is a luscious chicken delicacy that you must add to your non-vegetarian wedding menu.