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Top 7 Lip-smacking Indian Sweets to Must Have in Your Wedding

Indian sweets are worldwide famous for its authenticity and unique flavors. Indian sweets, which are also called Mithayi, are widely known for its fantastic taste. Made using various ingredients like grains, milk, fruits, and vegetables, these sweets are exotic and exceptionally mouth-watering. These sweets also have their significance and relevance and take long preparation hours to make these yummy Indian sweets to enliven the spirits. 


Scroll down to check out some mouth-watering sweets and desserts to have in your wedding: 



The sumptuous Malpua


Malpua’s that most of us confuse with Pancake is an Indian version of Pancakes with rich flavors. These fluffy pancakes are a perfect choice for people with a sweet tooth, made with flour, milk and nuts; these malpua’s get served after dipping them in the sugar syrup with hints of saffron.


Lip-Smacking Desserts & Sweets: Malpua


Lip-Smacking Desserts & Sweets: Malpua 1



The globally praised Laddus


If you have been to India, you must have noticed round-shaped sweet with multiple flavors and sizes on the sweet shop. These sweets are called laddoos, which is one of the most relished desserts all over India. Every state of India has its version of laddoos, which means you get plenty of options to choose from. 


Lip-Smacking Desserts & Sweets: Laddus 1


Lip-Smacking Desserts & Sweets: Laddus 2



The exotic Ghevar 


This popular Rajasthan sweet dates back to the age of the royal times. It is also an integral part of every Rajasthan wedding menu. The multi-layered dessert will define royalty in every bite you’ll take. So, make sure you have it in your wedding menu to serve your guests with the rich flavors from the royal times. 



Lip-Smacking Desserts & Sweets: Ghevar  1


The ball of magic Gulab Jamun 


Gulab Jamuns are one such Indian sweet that you will find in most of the Indian weddings. And why not, their fantastic taste and rich flavors make them a must-have in your wedding menu. Gulab Jamuns are also quite famous in Bengal with the name of “Pantua” or “KaloJaam”.


The tedhi-medhi Jalebi 

If you are obsessed with sweets, you cannot miss out these deep-fried desserts soaked in sugar syrup. No matter what are you celebrating, these sweets would make for a popular-choice of desserts for every occasion. 


The delicious Rasmalai

The creamy texture of Ras malai is all you need to serve your guests with best of flavors and sweetness. This sweet would make for a perfect addition to your wedding menu despite your tradition or wedding theme. 

The blissful Sandesh 

When we are talking about Indian sweets, how could we miss the famous Indian dessert from the land of Bengal “Sandesh”? No wedding in Bengal is considered complete without having Sandesh in the wedding menu. It is also a perfect sweet to give to your guests along with the wedding invite. 

No matter what religion you belong to, these delectable sweets would make for a perfect feast to offer to your guests. For more such fantastic dessert options, you can also contact our catering experts at GetYourMenu, who would provide you with some fantastic choice of desserts to have on your wedding menu. 


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