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Top 5 Diet Tips to Follow By Soon-To-Be-Married Couple for a Glowing Look

Got engaged and ready to get hitched? As soon as the wedding date is fixed, preparations begin at a fast pace as there are endless details to be taken care of to ensure everything goes on perfectly on your special day. While paying attention to these details is important, it is equally important to focus on your diet, exercise regimen, and fitness so that you look your best on your wedding day. Following a proper diet plays a vital role in keeping you active, energetic, nourished and glowing. Here, we bring you some pre-wedding diet tips following which the bride and groom must follow.

Eat Right

It is vital to have small meals throughout the day and keep up your energy levels. Skipping meals must be avoided as it lowers your energy levels and makes you look dull and depressed. While having meals, look for the right foods that include a lot of vegetables and fruits that are full of essential minerals and vitamins. Go for salads, brown rice, whole grains, and other highly nutritious food options. If you don’t have enough knowledge about which food option is right for you, it is recommended to hire an experienced dietician who can prepare a food and diet chart for you as per your precise body requirements. You can even consult your dietician to prepare a healthy and tasty catering menu.

Drink Lots of Water

Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to flush out harmful toxins from the body. Make it a point to carry a water bottle with you when you go out for shopping and keep taking small sips to keep yourself hydrated. It will also keep you away from hunger pangs and binging on unhealthy food.

Avoid Fizzy Drinks

While keeping hydrated is essential, do not replace water with sodas and other fizzy drinks as these drinks are sugar-loaded. Instead, go for natural juices, or water with dices of lemon or any other citrus fruits cut thinly to make it an excellent nutritious drink. Simple tips like replacing processed sugar by honey can also help you cut down on your sugar intake. For guests too, you can remove fizzy drinks and serve fresh fruits juices giving them a healthier and tastier alternative.

Eat a Balanced Meal

Our body needs a variety of nutrients, each important to carry out our body functions efficiently. Thus, when having your meals, ensure that you are having your fill of essential minerals and vitamins. You can do it by starting your meal with a bowl of salad that can have raw fruits and veggies. Next, if you have biryani or chicken in your lunch or dinner, balance it with a lot of vegetables like corn, lettuce, carrots, broccoli and more to up nutrition quotient. This way, you along with your guests will be able to enjoy food that comes with an eclectic blend of taste and nutrients.

Switch to Savoury Delights

Desserts are an integral part of any wedding. People love dipping their fingers into creamy, sugary, gooey delights. Try adding a few savoury dessert options that will give more healthy choices. You can go for salmon macarons or sugar-free avocado-flavoured pastries and more similar choices. It will be a novel choice to be served in a wedding banquet and is sure to surprise your guests while keeping them healthy.

Now there is no need to suffer from problems like stomach upset or a feeling of heaviness after gorging on wedding food. Enjoy a healthy wedding spread and keep yourself and your guests healthy and active. Following these tips will also make your skin look glowing and shiny, perfect for the ‘D’ Day.


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