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Top 25 Mutton Curries to Pick From For Your Wedding Menu

Mutton curries are world-wide known for their hot, smoky, and spicy flavors. The elusive taste and variety that these delicacies add to the table are amazing and you will love the mouth-watering experience that these dishes provide. Believe it or not but trying out these aromatic dishes will leave your guests amazed and your taste buds in paradise. They also make the perfect choice for your non-vegetarian wedding menu. 


Khatta Meat – Jammu

A popular lamb curry delicacy originated from the land of Jammu, Khatta Meat would make a perfect choice for those who enjoy the smoky flavors of charcoal soaked in mustard oil. 


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Laal Maas- Rajasthan

Made using yogurt and hot spices like Red Mathania Chilies, this delicacy gets served after loading it with lots of ghee. Eat it with rice or any bread of your choice, it makes a perfect delicacy to add to your non-veg wedding menu


Rogan Josh- Kashmir

Another beautifully cooked meat dish with aromatic flavors, Rogan Josh is Kashmir’s most popular delicacy. Traditionally cooked using lamb or goat, your guests would drool over its amazing recipe. 


Kosha Mangsho- Bengal

Cooked using goat meat and vegetables, this mutton curry dish belongs to the land of Bengal and is famous among all meat lovers. This spicy mutton curry deserves to be on your Bengali wedding menu.

Mutton Pasanda – UP

A dish that came into existence during the Mughal Era and instantly ruled the heart of the Mughals, Mutton Pasanda is all you need to give your guests their instant favorite. 

Nalli Nihari – Purani Dilli

A richly cooked flour based stew made using cooked mutton and a myriad of spices, Nalli Nihari is one of the best delicacies to enjoy in winters. 

Gongura Mamsam- Andhra

Gongura Mamsam is a spicy curry made using gongura and sorrel leaves. The exotic flavors of marinated mutton and rich gravy will leave all your guests licking their fingers. 

Mutton Kuzhambu - Tamil Nadu

A hot and marinated mutton dish, Mutton Kuzhambu is one of the most flavorsome delicacies that you must have on your wedding menu.

Mutton Korma- Mughlai

Mutton Korma is one of the most sought-after delicacies in the wedding feast. So why not reduce the curiosity of your guests and have this amazing delicacy on your gala dinner menu. 

Sali Boti – Parsi

An authentic Parsi delicacy, Sali Boti is a mind-boggling recipe that allows you to enjoy prominent flavors of tomatoes, jaggery, onions, vinegar, etc. 

Yakhni – Kashmir

A dish you must have heard a lot about, Yakhni is one such delicious mutton-curry that you cannot fail to miss trying in Kashmir. It is a great choice to add to your wedding menu. 

Nadan Erachi Ularthiyathu – Kerala

If you enjoy eating beef, then Nadan Erachi Ularthiyathu is one such recipe that you must try. A mouth-watering dish from Kerala, you will love every bit of it. 

Sagolir Manxo- Assam

Made in Assamese style, Sagolir Manxo is mutton cooked in mustard oil with spices. It is a perfect dish for your wedding menu if you wish to serve your guests with authentic Assamese flavors. 

Champaran Mutton- Bihar

A must-have delicacy if you are planning a Bihari wedding, Chamaparan mutton will satiate your taste buds and would win your soul. Try it now if you haven’t. 

Fiery Hot Naga Mutton Curry- Nagaland

If you love spicy flavors and fiery hot chicken curry, then this dish is a win-win for you. It is indeed one of the best mutton curries available for you to try in Nagaland. 

Bohri Kaari – Gujarat

A traditional Bohra dish made using cashew and coconut and a special masala known as Kari masala. You will love the flavors it offers in every bite. 

Kolhapuri Mutton - Maharashtra

A dish that makes half of Maharashtra to drool over it, Kolhapuri Mutton curry is a dish that comes packed with sumptuous, fiery, and delicious flavors. 

Mutton Stew- Kerala

Mutton Stew is one such delicacy that gets cooked using mutton or lamb, onion, spices, and lots of dry fruits. 

Railway Mutton Curry – Indian Railways

A dish from the British Raj Colonial Era, Railway mutton curry is one of the best mutton delicacies. 

Mutton Masala- Hyderabad

Another Mutton Masala is another well-known dish from the region of Hyderabad that is highly popular among non-veg lovers cooked in aromatic dishes. 

Mutton Curry- Punjab

A dish from vegetables and Goat Meat, Mutton Curry in Punjab is a must-have dish and something that you must try in Punjab. 

Mutton Banjara- Rajasthan

Offering unique flavors and delicious curry, Mutton Banjara is one of the most finger-licking and flavorsome delicacies that you must have on your wedding menu.

Mutton Xacuti – Goan

A classic Goan delicacy, Mutton Xucati is an amazing delicacy that wins your heart with its spicy and tempting flavors. It is a dish that you must not miss to try in Goa. 

Mutton Rara- Himachali

Also known as Rara Gosht, Mutton Rara is a mouth-watering Himachali Dish that you would fall in love with its exotic flavor. 

Hariyali Mutton Curry-Karnataka

Hariyali Mutton curry is one such recipe that may look green but it will fill your heart with love for this dish. You would love this amazing mutton dish from Karnataka.

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