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Top 10 non-vegetarian dishes to include in 2021 wedding

Before your guests attend the wedding, the one thing they start doing right after receiving the invitation is to anticipate the wedding menu. And this is the reason why you must be very careful about the menu and pick delicacies that make your guests drool over the food section. Of course, you would want your marriage to be remembered for all the right reasons. So make sure you create a delicious and well-planned wedding menu. To help you find some amazing options, here we bring you some delicious non-vegetarian delicacies that will win your guests’ hearts and would make a perfect wedding menu.


Scroll down to find the best non-vegetarian delicacies to add to your wedding menu: 


Chicken Tikka Basanti

A dish that will win your heart right after the first bite; the juicy and mouth melting flavors of Chicken Tikka Basanti is a must-have for your wedding menu.

Chicken Tikka Basanti


Burra Kebab

An exotic Mughlai recipe, this delicacy made using mutton, Burrah Kebab is a true delight for all meat lovers. The spicy flavors will fill your heart with joy. 

Burrah Kabab


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Dal Gosht

Dal Gosht is one such dish that leaves you licking your fingers. This traditional curry is made using lentils and meat, which is flavorful and delicious. 

Dal Gosht


Bhuna Kukkad Makhanwala

The scrumptious main course dish, Bhuna Kukkad Makhanwala is a dish that comes loaded with the aroma of spices and Rajasthani flavors.  

Bhuna Kukkad Makhanwala

Chicken Angara

Made using succulent chicken pieces in a rich yet creamy yogurt-based curry; Chicken Angara will let you drool over its exotic flavors. 

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Nalli Roganjosh

One of the most popular Kashmiri dishes, your guests would love the flavors this delicacy adds to the table. It is a perfect delicacy for your wedding menu. 

Hyderabadi Fish Curry

Hyderabadi Fish Curry is a perfect gravy dish prepared using fishes like rohu or salmon. The rich creamy and smoky flavors of this dish make it a perfect pick for the wedding menu. 

Galouti Kebab

The famous Lucknowi delicacy that melts in the mouth right after you try it, Galouti kebab has a different fan base and is one of the most loved dishes among non-veg lovers

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Awadhi Biryani

A non-vegetarian wedding menu can never be complete without having biryani on it. And what could be a better choice than Awadhi Biryani to serve your guests? 

Shahi Tukda

In the end, we would like to present your guests with sweet and finger-licking flavors of Shahi Tukda. Adding royal flavors to the table, Shahi Tukda is a perfect delicacy to go on your wedding menu.

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