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Top 10 Maharashtrian Dishes For Wedding

Maharashtrian food reflects a lot about the culture of the state and represents great variations. Maharashtra food is irresistible and has its distinctness. So if you are about to get married and planning to have a Maharashtrian wedding, here, we shall be discussing some of the best Maharashtrian dishes that you must include to your Maharashtrian wedding menu.


Kokum Sharbat

Made of Kokum, this can be added as a welcome drink at your Maharashtrian wedding as all love it. It is a great way to start the menu and let guests feel refreshed.

maharashtrian wedding menu 1


Batata Vada 

It is one of the tastiest Maharashtrian dishes that have found a special place in the wedding menu. These potato and besan fried balls make for a great appetizer.

maharashtrian wedding menu 2


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Vada Pav

Another signature food is Vada Pav, and this can be happily added in the wedding menu to give an extra edge. Just a bite of the tender paw with excellently cooked vada inside it is all that is needed to set the festive mood right.

maharashtrian wedding menu 4


Bharli Vangi

It is a finger-licking rich flavored stuffed eggplant dish that is added as a part of the main course. BharliVangi is undoubtedly one of the most favorite authentic Maharashtrian delicacies.

maharashtrian wedding menu 3


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