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Top 10 Fusion Delicacies to Complete Your Wedding Menu

Foodie or not, the one thing that really grabs everyone’s attention at the wedding is the food. No matter how much you invest in décor or other things to grab the limelight, it’s the food that wins in the end. So, this wedding season how about surprising your guests with a little twist in traditional delicacies and present them with its fusion version? Isn’t it sounds interesting?

Fusion food is the best way to bring a twist to the delicacies and would surprise your guests with its delectable taste. All you need to do is to come up with creative ways to serve them and you are the best host already! Remember, the secret lies in the presentation. The more presentable your dishes are, the more attention it will grab.


Scroll down to check them out:


#1 Aloo Tikki & Mint Chutney served in the shot glass

Fusion Delicacies Wedding Menu 1


#2 Mini Tokri chaat adorned with edible florals

Fusion Delicacies Wedding Menu 2


#3 Mini spaghetti with meatball

Fusion Delicacies Wedding Menu 3


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#4 Momos & Dimsums served with lip-smacking dips

Fusion Delicacies Wedding Menu 4


#5 Kebabs in a spoon for the royal feel

Fusion Delicacies Wedding Menu 5

#6 Turn heads with chaat in a martini glass


#7 Vanilla Panacotta topped with caramelized nuts

#8 Serve Caramel Custard in an elegant style

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#9 Ice Lollies to engage your guests in some icy affair#10 Mini Pancakes for quick to grab deserts

So, these were some tempting fusion delicacies to add to your wedding menu. To get more such interesting and amazing food choices, contact our experts at Get Your Menu and get the best food on the table to enjoy for your guests. We are the best caterers in Delhi/NCR and bring the best from the culinary world for your events and celebrations. 


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