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The Ultimate Wedding Catering Hacks by the wedding caterers in Delhi to Save big on your “Big Day”

A dream wedding is not a desire, but a necessity, as the day will remain etched in your memory forever. And what’s better to splurge your special day with delicacies from all over the world. Around the hassle of wedding shenanigans it is nearly impossible to match everyone’s taste. While you plan the perfect outfits and lines at the altar let the wedding catering in Delhi take charge of feeding your guests. Most importantly, your budget will require you to save up for years to have a dream wedding come true. We are here to take care of all your wedding food catering needs and make sure to customize and create all the menus of your wedding events exactly how you want them and better!

best catering hacks

A small calculation will show that most of the budget goes into the catering service in Delhi. The majority of these rather large budgets are usually spent on venue hire and wedding catering, including snacks and finger food, dinner, starters, and drinks. Luckily, there are a number of useful wedding catering hacks that will help you save a few thousand on the wedding food catering expenditure without compromising the quality of your big day!

We’ve gathered advice from the best wedding caterers in Gurgaon & Delhi to demonstrate where you can cut costs for an economical yet fabulous wedding that’s sure to be remembered! After all, we’re sure you could do with the extra couple of thousand to spend on a nice relaxing honeymoon after the stress of planning a wedding.

Let’s get hacking! 


Choose a vegetarian menu 

If you’re opting for a vegetarian menu, then you’ll definitely want to choose plant-based wedding caterers! They’re usually much cheaper since non-vegetarian caterers will need to buy ingredients they don't usually use, which means you'll probably save money by going with a 100% vegetarian wedding caterers in Delhi! 


Choose quality over quantity 

The prime concern while planning a wedding is the number of people attending. Everything has to be planned according to the maximum gathering, and when it comes to food, we always feel like quantity is what matters when feeding hundreds. Honestly, quantity is important, but so is the quality. It is very important to make sure that all the catered food is top quality and prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients. You should always make sure that the wedding caterers in Delhi who you are opting for make sure that no food is wasted. 


Choose affordable foods for your wedding menu 

There are lots of food options for weddings that can be wallet-friendly as well! You can ask your caterer to choose affordable food and create a fusion dish out of it. In this manner you also save a few bucks and at the same time present a fusion dish for your guests. 


Choose seasonal fruits & vegetables 

The seasonal fruits and vegetables would be relatively cheaper and you can ask your best caterers in Delhi to opt for those.  Your guests will also enjoy the menu and it will not burn a hole in your pocket. 


Put on a stand-up feast (buffet style) 

Anyone who has researched wedding catering in Delhi will know that there are numerous styles to suit your tastes and chosen budget. Buffet style is perhaps the cheapest because you won’t need to hire as many catering staff to serve the food and you’ll save money on furniture hire and dinner table decorations. This fun alternative to a sit-down meal will encourage your guests to mingle and will allow them to pick which food they love the most!

Apart from the above suggestions, there are a lot more things that need to be considered and kept in mind without creating any kind of inconvenience to the guests or to the organisers. With this all said and done, we at Get Your Menu have only one aim, and that is to make your D-day the most special day of your life and offer you an array of scrumptious wedding food catering packages.


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