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The hype is real with these Catering Menu Trends in 2022!

You want to cater for your next event, but you don't want to do the usual stuff. You want to follow the current catering menu trends to be right on the bleeding edge of cuisine. With a modern and trendy spread, you are bound to impress your attendees. 

A catered event is an opportunity to come together to celebrate an occasion, it can also be an opportunity to grow your network and reach amongst business peers. A menu that focuses on current trends in the market leaves a good impression on your guests and gives them a trendy and hip feeling.

We hope this list will give you insight into the current catering menu trends in 2022 currently making a buzz on the ground.


Travel the world with international cuisine

The quickest way to get to know a culture is by its cuisine and being more international in your catering menu will give your guests just that. With a multicultural menu, you can help your guests travel the globe with their taste buds and give them an experience that they probably would not have in most events. The more off the beaten path you go, the more exotic the experience or your attendees.


Liven the party with infused cocktails and mocktails

If the event you are planning calls for alcoholic beverages, then going the cocktail route is a great addition to your menu. Cocktails are always the path to fun at most functions, but it's better to be inclusive and also offer mocktails or non-alcoholic options for your guests. Fruit-infused cocktails and mocktails are a great way to get your guests to sample the variety you can offer while introducing them to the joys of mixed drinks over hard liquor.


Be mindful, have a bit of health

We know events and celebrations are moments of indulgence, but we can assure you that your guests will be very thankful when you include some healthy options in your menu. If you incorporate the new modern eating habits in the zeitgeist, it creates a better core memory. Be wary of any allergies amongst your guests, and more guests are opting for healthy options. So being mindful of those choices is vital if you want your attendees to leave with a full stomach and a fuller heart.


Let the catering resonate with your décor

Another important thing to keep in mind is to let your catering menu be aligned with the overall décor and theme of your event. All these components should gel together and tell a collective story. The menu should not be too much of a standout and clash with the theme but reinforce it. You create a narrative flow by allowing the menu to become a natural crescendo to the whole event experience.


Practice safe serving practices

A simple way to create a safer environment for your guests is to have individually prepared entrees. Having separate pre-plated appetizers can help some of your more cautious and anxious guests feel more at ease. Yes, it is a bit more effort but the attention to detail and care you show your guests will surely not go unappreciated. Having your sweet treat served under glass cloches is another way to make your menu look classy while being super safe.

We have mentioned the most on-point and trendy concepts that are becoming part of the norm now. We hope your next event becomes a great success and your guests share that memory for a long time.

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