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The best caterers in Delhi reveal trending catering tips and tricks for an intimate wedding!

2021 is to be a year defined by ingenuity and innovation — after all, wedding caterers in Delhi and other event professionals spent a long year overcoming challenges and reinventing themselves. With coronavirus guidance evolving as new information is brought to light, we may have to reimagine what events look like to accommodate safety guidance as well as attendee preferences to return to a sense of normalcy and have high expectations for events.

It will be a year about finding balance. Balancing risk against return; human connection while maintaining distance; service with technology; healthy cuisine with comfort food; and cost without sacrificing value—balancing all will be key.

From more elbow room to socially responsible sourcing to risk mitigating technology, here’s some things to keep in mind for in-person events moving forward. We delved into conversations with some of the top trusted wedding caterers in Delhi and venues in the industry and we have zeroed in on the catering trends and sanitation measures that must be taken to ensure good health of every individual at a wedding party.

Join Get Your Menu as we explore the hottest catering trends that we expect to see in 2021!


New Seating Layouts : Elbow Room

Maintaining distance between guests' seating is very very important. Since guests will be unmasked while eating and the risk of contagion rises the closer people are to each other, you must ensure proper distancing during mealtimes.


Choose Sit Down Meals than Buffet

Sanitation and safety of guests should be top of mind at every wedding celebration now. If you are planning to host an intimate ceremony, then the caterers in Delhi advice to opt for plated meals rather than a buffet system.While a buffet system expands the horizon of exposure between guests and serving staff, table service system limits them from touching the same serving spoons and constantly moving across the wedding venue. Sit down meals also make intermingling and conversations easier and is a more grand and memorable experience for the guests.


Covered Cuisine

The days of open buffets are gone. Instead, most event organizers are opting for plated service, where masked and gloved servers bring dishes directly to each attendee. To add an extra level of safety, keep meals covered until placed on the table. For some fun, rather than using the standard stainless covers, use glass cloches to add some pizzazz to the dining experience.


Use Mini food Items

The snack bar has always been popular in Indian weddings. But this year instead of serving snacks at a station , try serving snacks in mini bite size across the venue, or well masked and gloved waiters doing the rounds. This will also limit crowd gathering in defined or closed spaces.


Add Healthy & Immunity Booster Food

The pandemic naturally pushed wellness to the forefront, and that trend applies to menu choices. You can serve superfood meals, vitamin c juices, acai bowls packed with antioxidants


Add Mocktails/ Refreshments to the Menu

The caterers in Delhi are focusing on immunity-boosting drinks like saffron black pepper cinnamon mojito, tulsi mojito and other famous mocktails like Narangi Ghonghura, Mogra Sorbet Spritzer, Dhungar Chaas, Sol Kadhi etc. The wedding caterers in Delhi are recognizing that the trend of limiting alcohol and/or serving zero-proof drinks encourages healthier habits, it also can reduce the risk of attendees becoming intoxicated and ignoring safety protocols.

These are some super amazing tips & catering trends which one must follow while planning an intimate wedding.


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