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The best caterers in Delhi reveal their best tips & tricks for a house party!

The holiday season is already upon us and that means events, parties and get together invites will soon be arriving. How many times have you intended to throw a small get-together and before you know it, you have 20 people coming over? Instead of bringing out those gigantic dongas and slaving in the kitchen, we are going to help you with organising your party with special tricks revealed by the best wedding caterers in Delhi. Holiday events and parties, whether big or small, require unique planning. With that said, home parties can be terrifying to organise and execute. Where will the guests sit? Is your home clean? What will I serve them? There are dozens of decisions to make. Before you get a panic attack thinking of how to plan and organise the event, let’s give you a great suggestion – hire home party caterers in Delhi.

The best caterers in Delhi reveal their best tips & tricks for a house party!

It's simply the best of both worlds. Caterers for house parties handle the food and drinks, while you can focus on organising your home, welcoming your guests and enjoying the big day. It's the perfect solution to host an awesome party at home!

A friendsgiving or friendsmas-like soiree may require a more intimate experience for guests. Here you will find catering insights by the best party caterers to make your event successful and most of all, memorable. 


Block your party dates ahead 

You must block/reserve your dates beforehand and must check with the calendar of your invitees. A weekend party is convenient for many people but make sure you inform your guests beforehand before they plan for their weekends. Blocking your dates beforehand gives you an edge and you can also reserve it for special occasions or festivities. 


Prepare your guest list 

A guest list is very very important while hosting a party at home. Whether you want to have a low key intimate party in the hall of your house or throw a party at the backyard or near your pool, one must always make a guestlist to have a clear picture. You will also get an idea of how many people and childrens will be attending and what will be the perfect location in your house to host the event. 


Theme for your party 

One must always have a theme for your house party to make it an interesting one. You can pick and choose from different themes available or you can make it like a festive party theme. A theme always helps bind the decor and catering together and makes it easy for you to choose your decor colors and your catering menu. The party caterers in Delhi provide amazing menu options depending on the occasions. You can also ask your guest to wear a dress code to the party. 


Hire the best party caterer in Delhi! 

One of the biggest rookie mistakes people make while hosting house parties is to do everything by themselves. They feel so drained out at the end of the party, that it feels like they never want to host anything ever again.

The golden rule of party planning – don’t complicate it. Keep it simple. The beauty of using a caterer for your in-home party is that your work is only on the front-end. You choose the top caterers near you, choose the catering menu, then leave them to do the heavy lifting when it comes to shopping, prepping, cooking, serving and cleanup. This leaves you with more time to enjoy and engage with friends and family at the party.  Also, don’t forget what might be the best reason of all—the clean-up. The worst-part of party hosting is when the last guest leaves and you are left with a kitchen full of dirty dishes.  Everything a caterer arrives with they leave with, so you can simply straighten up and then put your feet up and bask in the glow of a great time that was had by all (including you). Remember, the reason why you’re hosting a party is to enjoy and relax with your loved ones and not to fret and stress. 


Menu Prep! Be Daring. 

Food is a universal language and during the holidays, it’s ideal that your menu is comforting, fits who you are and your style, and most importantly, that it keeps everyone full and content. Crafting a menu for a party during the party season can be exhausting and, at times, overwhelming. That’s when a caterer can swoop in to the rescue. Working with an experienced, professional caterer means you can up your game on your menu and bar service. Try something you might never attempt on your own. Whether your cooking skills encompass the ability to boil water or the delicate touch it takes to make a soufflé, it’s daunting to make something complicated for something as important as a party. But your caterer has your back! You choose the dishes you want for your theme and your budget, not what you feel comfortable making, and let your caterer execute it to perfection! 


Dietary Restrictions 

Planning the menu is the first step for any event. For this you need to consider certain factors like number of guests and what are their preferences ie, Pure Veg, Non veg or Mix. Next is, are there any guests with restrictions or are allergic to any food ingredients. Selecting the right menu for an event can be tough especially when planning around dietary restrictions or picky eaters. If you’re having a smaller party, consider choosing a family style menu. This menu can include universal meals that the whole team can enjoy, with room for vegetarian, gluten-free or other options. If you’re hosting a larger holiday party, speak with your caterer to see what works best. 


Table Setup 

One important aspect to consider is how you’re planning to serve, is it going to be a Buffet Setup or a seated meal or you’re looking only for the food delivery options. Either you can display the food on your dining table and kitchen counter. Guests can self-serve and relax in the living room while eating or you can ask your caterers to provide you a seated meal. 


Dinnerware And Displayware 

Since the party will be at your home, you will have to work with the house party caterer beforehand to decide who will be providing what. For example, will the caterer provide the serving utensils, cutlery and plates? Or will they use what you have at home? Who will be in charge of cleaning up the dishes and utensils after the party? These are some questions that you have to ask your house party caterer beforehand. Most professional caterers also have their own smallware, which consists of glassware, flatware, dinnerware, bar supplies, and utensils.  Caterers that do lots of off-premise catering also have beautiful display ware such as platters and serving bowls. 



Most house party caterers offer to provide service staff who will help you serve the food and clean up for an additional cost. Decide if you want to hire staff and if yes, how many servers you would require. Alternatively, you can also opt for drop-off house party catering services where the caterers deliver food in disposable boxes and your guests can self-serve the food. 


Make it Visually Memorable 

Although one of the most important parts is food, having a visually attractive house party is always a plus. Let’s say you want to host a house party with a cocktail hour prior to dinner. Ask your party caterer to provide an extensive variety of party rentals to fit every need. From a wide variety of glassware to aesthetically pleasing chairs and tables, they will offer full service catering to provide you with the easiest and most cost effective catering services in Delhi. The best wedding caterers also carry some amazing catering decor setups and food ideas to match up your theme.

Lastly, follow below basic points as well.

  • Ensure the trash cans are arranged at convenient places.
  • Due to Covid, it is best to use disposable crockery & cutlery, and encourage the guests to use the trash cans to dispose of their used items.
  • Put lots of napkins at multiple points for easier access to your guests.
  • Arrange sanitizing station at entry & exit of the dining Hall
  • Display Hygiene Guidelines in the dining hall for your guests to follow. 

And if you’re searching for house party catering near me in Gurgaon or catering services in Delhi, look no further. Get Your Menu offers the best home party catering services in Gurgaon and Delhi, with delicious meals at affordable prices. Use our online menu planner to build your customised menu and host a dream party!


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