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Super Fun & Quirky Ways to Serve Drinks at Your Celebration

If you really want your wedding to stand out, you need to come up with the ideas and plans that can help you do so.  As we know, with time changes the catering trend, you must experiment with the way you serve your guests. The best way to do that serves your guests with the drinks in style. So other than your new-age menu, indo-fusion desserts and uber-cool décor ideas, you must change your drink serving game to woo your guests and leave them awe-struck.

Your guests would love these peppy and super fun ways to serve delicious drinks and cocktails:


#1 How about using these cute little bulbs to serve drinks?

Drinks Celebration 1

Drinks Celebration 2


#2 Forget shots and go for these injection shots for your cocktail party

Drinks Celebration 3

Drinks Celebration 4


#3 A canoes filled with beers and ice for the ooze & booze

Drinks Celebration 5

#4 Fill the dispenser jars with revitalizing mocktails & let your guests help themselves

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#5 Jazz up the décor with hanging baskets filled with beer bottles

#6 Use Mason Jars to serve your guests with their favorite dessert or chilled coffee

#7 How about creating your own personalized drink and snack stand?

#8 Personalize your coconut water & woo your guests

#9 Leave your guests amazed with steel & brass designer glasses

??????#10 Decorate the glasses with cutesy & unique elements

For more such interesting and cool ideas, you can also contact our experts at GetYourMenu and they will surely make your celebration a magical affair. Our catering staff has years of experience. They will put their best foot forward to provide you the services that will make your guests love the wedding catering services in Delhi and the lip-smacking food at your party.


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