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Soups Delicacies That You Must Not Forget to Include in Your Wedding Menu

Soup is one of the most sought after delicacies in Indian Wedding. It is not only delicious and nutritious but also quite easy to make and doable with perfectly ordinary ingredients. The best thing about soups is that they come with a variety of options. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian, there are large numbers of flavors available to satiate your taste bud. The soup can best be eaten before the main course or can be enjoyed as a snack along with crispy breadsticks.

Another good thing about soups is that they are versatile for a number of reasons; easy to prepare and enriched with flavor and goodness, they make a healthy and satisfying choice. Some of the most common choices of soup available include clear soups, thick soups, chicken soup, fruits soup, etc.

The term soup derives from “sop,” a piece of bread upon which broth (soups made by simmering flavorful ingredients in water or stock) is poured. Soups are a delight, especially during the rainy and winter seasons. It also makes for one of the best choices of food to include in the wedding menu. There could be nothing better than welcoming your guests with mouth-watering and appetizing varieties of soups. It’s truly comforting food, refreshing, full of flavors and aroma.

Have a look at some of the delightful soups that you must treat your guests with this wedding season!

Manchow Soup

If you are a big fan of Chinese cuisine, this manchow soup is definitely worth a try because of its mesmerizing texture, hot and spicy taste. Served along with the spring onions andblanched garlic, you can also eat with fried noodles, which adds to its taste. Manchow soup is prepared with the aid of many vegetables, which include scallion, corn flour, and others. However, one can also make an attempt to make non-vegetarian Manchow soups. Chilli, peppers and soy sauce can also be utilized to garnish this delicious soup.

Creamy Tomato Soup

Vine-ripened tomatoes, coarsely chopped and blended with carrots works best in enhancing the look and taste of this creamy tomato soup. This delicious soup will definitely win your heart of all your guests. It is one of the most preferred delicacies among Indians and is popularly available everywhere. It is one of the tastiest soups and is extemely juicy and tangy in taste.

Palak Shorba

Enriched with vitamins and minerals, it is one of the most tempting dishes to add to your wedding menu. A few spinach leaves thrown in with mixed vegetables makes this soup a healthy and nutritious choice of food for all occasions.

Murgh Makai soup

This soup recipe is made using chicken and corn and is prepared in chicken stock. Corn has its own taste and when mixed with chicken forms a great blend of flavors. It is quite a unique variety of soup to include in a non-vegetarian menu.

Mushroom and Onion

This soup is made using chicken and corn cooked in chicken stock. A basic soup where roux is thinned with cream or milk and/or mushroom broth is added, this mushroom and onion soup is all you need to receive compliments from your guests.

Cream of Broccoli

Another must-have soup to have on your wedding, a smooth cream like texture of this soup would surely satiate you till the last drop. Broccoli being a not so liked element is presented in such a wonderful form that would keep your guests satisfied for long.

Dal and Garlic Rasam

Lots of Toor dal and crushed garlic together gives a great flavor and taste to this authentic Indian soup. Rasam is traditionally made with lentils to give the broth a thick, creamy, almost gelatinous texture. The main ingredients used include chili, pepper, cumin seeds, tomato, tamarind juice and some spices. Lentils and other vegetables are steamed while preparing this soup.

Kashmiri Ghost Yakhni Shorba

It is a traditional Kashmiri style soup cooked with goat’s meat, saffron and yogurt and very mildly spiced with whole spices. The Persian term Shorba encompasses soups made with tomato-and-coriander, chicken, dal and even yogurt. This Kashmiri mutton broth is ideal for winter weddings. The mutton is cooked in saffron and yogurt with very mild spices, giving it a rich, satisfying taste.

Kairee Saar (Raw Mango Soup)

This is an easy-to-make Continental recipe that you can prepare in summer, as mangoes are available in abundance in the summer season. This soup is quite well known for its sour taste and will make for a wonderful snack to welcome your guests at any event.

Kokam Soup

A Maharashtrian soup prepared with traditional spices will draw the attention of all your guests with its flavor and enticing fragrance. Known to keep the stomach cool with its unique qualities, Kokam is consumed as a fruit and a vegetable and when dry, can be used as a popular spice. Your guests will definitely drool over this flavorful South Indian soup.


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