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Sinful Desserts Without Which North Indian Weddings are Incomplete

Indian weddings are full of joy and excitement, lights and colours, sweets and snacks, dance, and music and more. While each one of them plays a significant role in making a wedding memorable, one thing without which any North Indian wedding is incomplete is sweets!

Every year, we get a lot of wedding cards and we try to attend most of them. Every wedding has amazing décor, excellent venue, beautiful dances and music, and ultimate lighting arrangements. One thing that makes one wedding stand apart from others is the royal feast served to the guests. Even if you come up with an extraordinary feast with different cuisines tickling your taste buds, one thing where the buck stops are the sweets served to give a befitting finale to the whole spread. Here, we come up with some of the most popular North Indian sweets for weddings without which we cannot imagine a successful Indian wedding to be remembered for ages. 


Doodh Jalebi

When planning a winter wedding, a counter of piping hot malaidaar doodh with crispy, sweet jalebi is a must. This sugar-dipped delicacy is one of the most sought-after sweets in any North Indian wedding extravaganza.

North Indian wedding sweets 1


Malaidaar Kulfi

Not only summer but winter weddings are unimaginable without ice cream and rabdi wali kulfi with pistachios liberally sprinkled over them. These days, kulfi and ice creams are available in an amazing range of flavours with delightful toppings to suit every palate. 

North Indian wedding sweets 2


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Piping Hot Halwa

Moong daal or gajar halwa is a quintessential sweet dish finding its place in any North Indian wedding sweets menu. This sweet delicacy garnished with finely cut dry fruits, made in desi ghee attracts a lot of food lovers who love sinking their teeth into this delightful dish. 

North Indian wedding sweets 3


Gulab Jamun

At least one wedding event has hot, sweet dripping gulab jamun finding its place in the North Indian wedding menu. It can be served individually or along with ice- cream. This amazing combination of hot and cold is loved by people with unique taste preferences. 

North Indian wedding sweets 4


This is an amazingly delicious, spongy, Kesar and pistachio sprinkled sweet delicacy made with thick processed milk. Its mouth melting taste leaves a unique after taste, which people love to savour for a long time till they reach the next counter. 


It is a popular Rajasthani sweet dish that has successfully transcended state borders and has found an unshakable place in the North Indian wedding menu. It is made with fine flour dipped in chashni and is made with utmost precision. 

Mawa Kachori

It is another popular Rajasthani dish, but people love this kachori filled with sweet mawa filled with a lot of dry fruits. It's every bite leaves a divine taste that lingers for a long time. 


Shrikhand or sweet yogurt is served in amazing flavours that are enjoyed and relished by people who are looking for a sweet but healthy alternative. 


A wide range of barfi with amazing flavours like coconut, beetroot, orange, almond, Cashew, Anjeer and more are served in wedding ceremonies.

If you have a wedding coming up in your family, check out these sweet dishes and get the best North Indian wedding sweets ideas for the “do” that remains in the memories of your guests forever!


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