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Serve your guests in style with these delectable fun shots

If we ask Indians about their deepest confessions, most of them would agree on going to the Indian weddings solely for food. Yes, it is an undeniable fact that Indian weddings would top the list if we look at the variety of tempting dishes served in it. Indians are obsessed with good food and make sure they serve their guests with best delicacies and beverages possible.  So, this wedding season, elevate your food game and surprise your guests with these lip-smacking shots:


Gol Gappa Shots

Gol gappas are a popular choice of food among individuals at the Indian wedding. So why not spice it up and serve it in a whole new style? How about some gol gappa shots? Your guests will surely drool over these fun shots and would love your serving game as well.


Soup Shots

It is another interesting snack to serve to your guests at wedding ceremonies. But rather than presenting the soup in the bowl, let’s just serve them in the form of soup shots along with mini cheese sandwich.


Cake shots

Tiramisu is gaining popularity in India and makes for a perfect choice of desserts. And we clearly cannot imagine a celebration without a cake, which is why we present you these lip-smacking cake shots.


Popsicle shots

Vodka shots with snacks would make a wonderful treat for guests who love alcohol. You can also jazz up your alcohol-serving game by serving your guests with popsicles shots.

Paan shots

This is one such dish that will surely raise brows when you’ll serve your guests these out-of-the-box paan shots. The mouthwatering flavors of paan and gulkand will make your guests go wow over its exotic flavors.

Custard shots

When it comes to desserts, Indians would never say no to it as desserts hold a special place in their hearts. And what could be better than these pretty looking custard shots?

Finger foods with dips

A shot glass can be of many uses only if you use it a little creatively. And there is no better way of using them than serving chicken, paneer or fish servings in them by filling the shot glasses with tomato soup and your other favorite dip.

Churros with chocolate sauce

This lip-smacking dish tastes best when served with chocolate sauce and looks best when served in shot glasses. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself.

For more such exotic delicacies and food ideas, stay tuned with us. You can also drop us a mail if you have any suggestions. We would love to hear from you.


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